Zendaya & John David Washington’s ‘Malcolm & Marie’ Trailer Is Here To Make You Feel Something

The sinuous trailer for Zendaya and John David Washington’s two-hander black and white film, Malcolm & Marie, has arrived. From the scant and moody three minute trailer which you can watch below, it looks like we should already be preparing to feel some type of way come Malcolm & Marie‘s Netflix release date of the 5th of February next month. (Pending the status of you know what, there’ll also be a run in selected cinemas.)

“This is not a love story. This is the story of love,” the trailer declares. Indeed, while we’re pleased to see this incredibly beautiful pair of actors orbit each other in any capacity, Malcolm & Marie definitely looks to be going a little deeper than your usual drama. Voiceovers from Zendaya speculate on the nature of relationships, what drives them and also what makes them come apart. Real Instagram mood account vibes.

Malcolm & Marie trailer

We’d also like to congratulation Zendaya, John David Washington and Sam Levinson on getting their coin. After making their two-hander film Malcolm & Marie from start to finish in quarantine, the film has now been acquired by Netflix. According to reports, the streaming services threw down a chill $30 million for the drama based on just two minutes of preview footage. The standard has been set, this is what they deserve. Malcolm & Marie is set to premiere on Netflix on the 5th of February, 2021. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is planning to pump some cash into an Oscar campaign for the film.

For those who missed it, the Euphoria and Spider-Man star on made a whole feature film during the coronavirus pandemic(!!). The film, called Malcolm & Marie, might be the first feature film to have been conceived, written, funded and have completed production all while the pandemic continued around it.

As the story goes per Deadline, after Euphoria became one of the many shows and films to have it’s filming shut down due to the quarantine, Zendaya reached out to the show’s creator Sam Levinson. She asked if he could write and direct a movie during quarantine—because this is apparently how her beautiful mind works. Levinson wrote Malcolm & Marie in six days—the film follows a filmmaker and his girlfriend after a premiere. They’ve returned home to await the critical response to his movie, and of course, the relationship is tested.

Because of the pandemic and need for a lot of extra precautions when filming, Zendaya, Levinson and their collaborators bankrolled the film themselves. It’s her first film producer credit, making our gal a producer-actor double threat.

By far the development that has fans the most excited though, at least in the timeline, is the fact that John David Washington will be playing opposite her. Apparently, Levinson kept coming back to Washington when trying to think of someone who could hold their own against Zendaya. Given his perfect performance in BlacKkKlansman that scored him a Golden Globe nomination, not hard to see why. It has also not escaped people that he’s Zendaya’s first Black love interest.

By the sounds of the extensive and exhaustive safety measures in place⁠—think PPE, masks, gloves, shoe covers, sanitising wipes and physical distancing⁠—a lot of care went into the film and keeping cast and crew safe. Now that production has completed, we guess the next thing to do is wait for the slow trickle of more details about Malcolm & Marie. Oh, and stan Zendaya.

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