2020’s Queen Of Comedy, Ziwe Fumudoh, Is Getting Her Own TV Show

The queen of holding celebrities accountable for their aversive racism and unconscious bias towards Black people, Ziwe Fumudoh, is officially getting her own TV series—and honestly, I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

In case you weren’t aware, Ziwe Fumudoh is a comedy writer and stand-up comic, best known for her Instagram Live shows where she has ~uncomfortable conversations~ about race with famous people. These IG Lives start with her quizzing her guests on Black American history and historical figures and eventually lead to more personal questions—”how many Black friends do you have?” or “what do you like about Black people?—as her guests get uncomfortable and are confronted with the truth that they are inherently racist. For a highlight, please turn to her interviews with Caroline Calloway, Rose McGowan and Alison Roman.

Ziwe Fumudoh’s IG Lives are aggressively confronting conversations to have, but in 2020, a year that’s seen a global conversation about the systemic racism against BIPOC communities, they are important ones. So, it’s no surprise that she’s getting her own show. 

According to Vulture, the 28-year-old comedian will executive produce and star in an untitled variety series produced by A24. The show will consist of assuredly uncomfortable but important interviews and sketches about race with celebrities and people who have a historic bad track record supporting Black people, as well as “unscripted and unpredictable real-world rendezvous between everyday people and Ziwe.” So, what I’m hearing is a segment that’s basically a politically-savvy version of Billy on the Street with conversations about race and systemic racism? We love to hear it. 

“Through her addictive online series and her work for our own Desus & Mero and Our Cartoon President, Ziwe has clearly emerged as an auteur voice in comedy and culture,” Showtime exec Vinnie Malhotra said in a press release, per Vulture. “She has turned all of our heads here at Showtime, and we’re excited to be the home for her new series as she continues to grow her edgy and hilarious brand of commentary on race, politics and everything in between.”

“I am beyond excited to make my dream a reality with the brilliant minds at Showtime and A24,” added Fumudoh. “I can’t wait to make an iconic show with even more iconic guests.”

One such iconic guest, that Fumudoh revealed in an interview with Vulture back in July, is none other than Californian Senator and U.S. Vice Presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris.

If you want to know more about the systemic racism towards Black people and Black trans people, including our own First Nations people, we have a few guides and resources here.

Header image: Ziwe Fumudoh’s Instagram (@ziwef).

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