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Are We Really Surprised Zoë Kravitz Looks This Good As Catwoman?

So we just got our first look at Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, in the upcoming Batman film, and we have some questions.

The peek comes courtesy of some paparazzi pics of the production during filming and features Kravtiz in one of Selina Kyle’s sleeker, day-time looks. In head-to-toe black, naturally, the look features a v shiny leather coat, lace-up boots, fish-net tights and to top it all off, a matching fascinator. By no means more subtle look, but still not as conspicuous as the catsuit disguise that we got a peek at in the Batman trailer. Kravtiz’s makeup and hair are polished: a cat-eye liner, duh, a mid-length bob and nails that look like they’re made for clawing.

She looks. So good. Even with a fascinator on, which is wild. But look, should we really be surprised? Like, the source material is there:

Exhibit A, her mom Lisa Bonet. Stunning icon of a woman and shining beacon of how to manage the mans around you for successful and happy relationships.

Exhibit B, Zoe’s dad, Lenny Kravitz, with her other dad, Jason Momoa. Two v hot men who, supreme hotness aside, are the ones who are simply lucky to be in Bonet’s purview.

Is it any wonder that Robert Pattinson, our Batman, looks like a gently emo marketing suit and Kravitz looks like that? Don’t think so.

Unfortunately, like the highly anticipated Dune film featuring ya boy Timothée Chalamet and our fav Emmy-winner Zendaya, Batman‘s release has been pushed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We’re apparently not getting Dune until October 2021, and Batman is now tentatively scheduled for a March 4, 2022 release date, RIP. A long wait, to which we can only say, it is what it is.

Lead image via YSL.

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