What You’ll Be Wearing In 2020, According To Syrup’s Tastemakers

Decades are like landmarks: they help us chart and define human progress. And by human progress in this case I’m talking about fashion (ofc). Fashion trends are fascinating: they’re cyclical, ever-changing, always remixed and refreshed, and every so often, invigorated by new and innovative ideas.

Even tho we’re still fucking around with ‘90s and ‘00s fashion (say hello to my extra tiny Matrix glasses), we’ve got our eye firmly on 2020 fashion.

The way fashion is evolving right in front of us is so exciting and we’re loving this wave. And because you want to know what’s cool before it’s cool, Syrup has pulled together a guide to get you on board. 

We tapped some exciting young Aussie creatives we trust that are the forefront of creativity in this country—they shared what they see as 2020s fashion as well as what they want to see hit the mainstream.

FlexMami (aka Lillian Ahenkan)
“your favourite slashie”
IG: @flex.mami

“Heavily personalised fashion. Whether that means you’re literally making the clothes yourself, upcycling through DIY or styling in a way that’s “uniquely” you – I feel like there’ll be a huge emphasis as showing up for yourself. An extension of your personal brand, I say.”

Kota Banks (aka Jess Porfiri)
IG: @kotabanksmusic

“I’d like to see bright colours make their way un-ironically back into our day-to-day ensembles, but that’s my personal taste. I think fashion is a really personal thing. I’d like to see there be less trends and more diversity, actually.”

“I know for a fact I’ve become obsessed with a certain outfit or look that I NEVER would have liked because I’ve seen someone I admire wearing it. I think 2020 is the year of breaking free from that, [we’re] so passionate about self-expression and diversity that I think maybe this year it’s less about mass mentality and consumption of the “hot product” and more about and cultivating your own unique style.”

Issy Phillips
comedian/radio presenter
IG: @issyphillips

“Hats take a lot of confidence to pull off. Bring hats back into the mainstream – particularly because of our high UV. I WANT BIG HATS. If I can’t put my DSLR in my hat, it’s not big enough.”

“I’d also like to see more high waisted pants for men (BDE!!!) and people wearing more natural fibres – microplastics are a huge issue.”

Liam Ebbs
IG: @liamebbs

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Baby at the bus stop

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“I hope to see the midriff re-emerge in hetero culture.”

For more fashion wisdom, check out Ebbs’ tips for thrifting like a pro.

Jemuel Wong
IG: @jemuelwong

“There are quite a few sneaker releases that I am looking forward to in 2020 – all Three Stripes of course!” (That means Adidas for all you non-hypebeasts.)

“The Yeezy Foam Runner, Yeezy BSKTBALL and new Adidas ZX. I am stoked about the recent revival of the Adidas ZX/Torsion brand. Last year, we saw some incredible retro [re-releases] such as the ZX 5000/ZX 8000 releases… I am super excited to see more colourways in 2020.”

“Being the 50th anniversary of the Superstar, I am excited to see what Adidas has planned in the pipeline for arguably the most iconic Adidas silhouette, period. The shell toe is a timeless classic, so I can never get enough of different wild collaborations and interpretations of the cultural icon!”

Vincent Tsang
IG: @vinvolve

“[In 2020] I think people are going to be more focused on materials and fabrics more than brands. I also think people will be more into earth and natural tones less than the high vis/fluro colours we’ve seen in 2019. People will wear more gender ambiguous/gender neutral fits and cuts. Brands like Olderbrother for example.”

Tsang’s also got some sneaker wisdom: “I wanna see less limited releases, and more fire in the general releases and classics when it comes to sneakers.”

Harriet Cronley
visual artist/performer/writer
IG: @fluroalien

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Photo experiment, 2019

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“I hope that upcycling/recycling becomes the trend of 2020. Upcycling being the repurposing of old clothes, linen, accessories, and sewing them into new pieces and giving them a second life.

“I reckon with people turning away from fast fashion and trying to be more environmentally friendly,  people will (hopefully) try to repurpose old pieces that either have holes or they no longer use, and instead of throwing away, learning the skills to fix the item or turn it into something new that they’d use.”

“Even if people don’t learn or have these skills themselves,  I’m hoping a market will open up for it. For example, in Japan they have upcycling stores where tailors will combine two items of clothing together for something new and original, or even using traditional tailors who have been doing similar things for years.”

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