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Billie Eilish Is Bad-Ass And Baggy: Here’s How To Get Her Look

Is there anything Billie Eilish can’t do? From absolutely cleaning up at the Grammy Awards to being the youngest artist ever to write and record a James Bond theme song (!!!), the 18-year-old is having a massive year. 

Since crashing into our hearts and eardrums with Ocean Eyes she’s gone from strength to strength. But it’s not just her music that’s cemented her as a pop-culture powerhouse, obviously: Girl. Has. Style. 

Eilish is always pushing the fashion envelope: from eye-searing neon green roots to colour-coordinated maximalist outfits to bejewelled face masks and Burberry-print balaclavas, her style is as distinctive as her music. In a world of KKW shapewear, it’s refreshing to see a young artist putting her comfort first—both physically and mentally.

And there’s a reason for that, too. (You know, outside of ‘This looks sick’.)

In a project with Calvin Klein, Eilish explained that her baggy clothes are also a semi-defensive mechanism:  “I never want the world to know everything about me. I mean, that’s why I wear big baggy clothes,” she explained in the ad. “Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath. You know?” 

While it sucks that young female artists still face this kind of media fuckery, we can all get behind some Eilish fashion inspiration.

Whether it’s experimenting with oversized silhouettes or wanting to add a little more colour, fun and weirdness to your wardrobe, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Billie Eilish outfits and key pieces to try her style.

Monochrome doesn’t have to be minimal

Eilish is known for her fearless use of colour, but sometimes you feel like having a desaturated moment y’know? The key here is keeping things interesting with some maximalist prints. 

Slip, slop, slap, bucket hat

A super-easy way to sprinkle a little of Eilish’s style on your ‘fit? Chuck a hat on it. 

While beanies and bandanas also make regular appearances, a bucket hat is a little easier to style and you probably have one in your wardrobe already.

Match made in heaven

A t-shirt and shorts, but make it fashion. Make a super loud print wearable (well, mostly wearable) by keeping everything else pretty casual. Sneakers, relaxed hair and minimal accessories—the perfect complement to… head to toe Takashi Murakami. What a boss, tbh.

Tracksuits are chill, but they’re also red hot

Is it even a Billie Eilish fashion article without mentioning a mono-colour tracksuit? No. We regard this as a signature Eilish look, as classic as Ari in a ponytail. 

A tracksuit (from the right brand) oozes street-style cool but in a casual “I didn’t really try to ooze at all” way. 

Bad and beige-y

Ultra-colourful to head-to-toe beige—get you a girl who can do both. While they’re a lot rarer than her usual neon-heavy outfits, Eilish also serves a solid tan/camel/milk tea outfit. 

Go full neutral or include a few pops of colour for extra flair.

Throw some shade

It’s kind of baffling that a human being can look this cute while wearing sunglasses that look like they belong to an alien at a rave? Eilish is a fan of sunnies that are almost bordering on ski-mask—which we love for a festival, but for every day, try adding a chain to your current sunglasses. 

More is more

A final takeaway for Eilish-inspired style? When you think you’ve put on enough accessories, go ahead and chuck two more on. Chunky layered necklaces are a fast way to change up a simple outfit and add a tonne of visual impact, without a huge amount of effort. Be bold, be brave, be a little bit Billie.

Monisha Rudhran (@monishamay) is a writer and chronic Pisces. Formerly at Syrup, she's now a Digital Content Producer at ELLE and marie claire Australia. She’s into trying to be a better person and sparkling water.

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