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IKEA Is Now Slinging Byredo Candles For Less Than $10

Candles from IKEA, but make them ~elevated~. These are not your bulk pack of tea lights that seem like a cute idea at the time but never get used! After years of whispers about a potential collaboration, iconic Swedish meatballs and flat-pack purveyor IKEA and perfumer Ben Gorham, of our fav alt-y fragrance house Byredo, have revealed their first offering. The new Byredo x IKEA OSYNLIG collection is a set of 13 scented candles that are designed to make you feel something. And yes, they will be priced much closer to the IKEA end of the spectrum.

The line aims to “democratise high-end scents, making them an affordable luxury for the many.” Yeah, we’re here for this. If you’ve had some Byredo candles on your wishlist for a while, you’ll be pleased to know the new Byredo x IKEA OSYNLIG line will start at around $10 AUD for the smaller candles, with the larger ones priced at around $45 AUD—going off a loose conversion from European prices. And as with his recently launched Byredo makeup line, Gorham’s going a lil deeper than just nice smells.

Byredo x IKEA candle Osynlig collection Australia

The word ‘osynlig’ is Swedish for invisible, and the IKEA and Ben Gorham collab hopes to act as a kind of “invisible design.” It’s driven by the idea that it’s not just the physical stuff in our spaces that affect our mood and experience of being at home. With the range of floral, woody, and fresh scents, Gorham hopes that people can open up their memories, dreams, nostalgia, and feelings of comfort. Very relevant given all the time we spent indoors this year!

From the peek we have so far, the clay-coddled candles look like they’d slide right in on a variety of shelves and bedside tables. These are definitely vessels you’re going to want to keep and re-use when they’re empty, a very affordable bedroom upgrade perhaps?

Keep an eye out for the collection when Byredo x IKEA launches in Australia in February of 2021. In the meantime, start selecting which scents you wanna invoke some emotions with first.

Byredo x IKEA Candles: Fresh

  • Tea leaves and verbena·
  • Cassis and freesia
  • Pomegranate and amber
  • Basil and mint
  • Fig and cypress
Byredo x IKEA candle Osynlig collection Australia

Byredo x IKEA Candles: Floral

  • Peach blossom and bamboo
  • Lilac and amber
  • Rose and raspberries
  • Cotton flower and apple blossom
Byredo x IKEA candle Osynlig collection Australia

Byredo x IKEA Candles: Woody

  • Swedish birch and juniper
  • Firewood and spice
  • Sandalwood and vanilla
  • Tobacco and honey

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