celine spring womens show 2021

Welcome To Hedi Slimane’s Generation CELINE

Let’s begin with the most crucial stuff. Hedi Slimane had one job. One preeminent, important thing to nail with his Celine women’s summer show—titled Dancing Kid (for reasons that will become very obvious). That thing? Making a collection that would sit well on Celine’s recently appointed global ambassador: Lisa, of BLACKPINK. Literally anywhere on the internet that the Princess Nokia-soundtracked show is available to view, there are comments congratulating the French house for achieving this.

“Not gonna lie, CELINE’s Global Ambassador and Muse Lisa will body all these outfits,” mused one online pundit. “She’ll look great in every single outfit. I like all the outfits too. Gonna get one or two of the whole outfit for myself,” they continued. What’s the bet this person is sub-25-years-old? A cascade of comments agreeing with the sentiment follows: Lisa will look amazing in this, I can’t wait to see Lisa rock these looks, so exciting to see Lisa wear Celine, etc. And finally, something that can only be music to LMVH’s—the multinational conglomerate that owns Celine—ears: “If I have money enough I will buy Celine.” BLACKPINK and Lisa’s influence can’t really be overstated at this point.

Much like her recent MAC ambassadorship, this association can pretty much only spell dollar signs. As long as Celine doesn’t fuck it up—which would take quite some effort.

It’s evident that Slimane, Celine’s guiding hand, has been spending a fair bit of time with the kids. Spot the VSCO girl scrunchies on the wrist, the DIY-ed cropped sweatshirts, mom-jeans that look like they were fished out of a vintage or thrift shop.

The all-American, Princess Diana collegiate vibes were strong, peep the riding boots and long cardigans over relaxed dresses. Though with a much more Gen Z bent, of course. (The video is worth watching to see the dresses sparkle in the sunshine. V kira-kira.) We’re very intrigued as to what Slimane’s For You Page on TikTok looks like, but this collection gives us lotsa material to form an educated guess.

Interview Magazine noted the collection’s “homage to the influencer uniform.” We’d go one further and say it’s the oxymoronic cultivated, yet seemingly unaffected look that permeates Gen Z dressing. (Well, the more ~normie~ sections of it anyway.)

Baseball caps came thick and fast across the Celine-logo emblazoned Stade Louis II, the stadium in Monaco where the show was filmed. While influencer faces might hide well under said caps, bucket hats and sunglasses, the collection understood that there are other things to show off. Mid-riff-baring tops, simple bralettes and Calvin Klein-esque bras peeked out under blazers and leather jackets. The fact that it looks like Kaia Gerber walked the show in her *own clothes* speaks to how deftly Slimane nailed the vibe.

kaia gerber at celine summer 2021

It’ll be interesting to see how much of this line is picked up by the audience that it draws so heavily from. The reception seems positive so far, at least from BLACKPINK and Lisa stans. Forbes did presciently note that of the accessories, the usual fail-safe moneymaker, the bags, were much more aligned to an older crowd. Indeed, not a lot of the large tote shapes or odd little box handbags seemed strong enough to compete with the likes of Prada’s coveted Re-Nylon offering. Or Gucci’s Jackie and Dionysus, which remain popular amongst ~the kids~. (Kids who have wild amounts of disposable income.)

Our bet? We’re gonna be seeing a lot more fancy-ass bucket hats around.

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