Colour Blocking 101: How And Where To Dress Like A Stylish Sesame Street Icon

Okay, folks, let’s be real. 2020 sucks major donkey balls. We’re experiencing the biggest pandemic in our lifetimes, the President of the United States is exhibiting some terrifying dictator vibes, and a majority of us are unemployed and have no idea how we’re going to get jobs again

We’re sad and it’s okay to feel sad. But, you know what’s been giving me a slight boost in Miss Serotonin lately? Colour blocking fits. That’s right. Dressing myself up like a Sesame Street-wearing king. A stylish children’s TV show host. Or, y’know, just the lovechild of actual gay puppets Bert and Ernie

According to Refinery29, during Fall ‘20 New York Fashion Week, designers like Christopher John Rogers and Proenza Schouler brought bold red, blues and yellow tones back to the foyer of fashion.

“Out, out damn all-black and all-white spot” – Lady Macbeth, if she had lived in the 21st century, probably. 

So, naturally, this return of a beloved trend is finding its way into street fashion with a variety of colour blocking pants and jumpers. 

But first, what exactly is colour blocking and how do I style my fits accordingly?

According to YouTube fashion expert Tim Dessaint, colour blocking in fashion refers to building an outfit out of contrasting blocks or panels of solid colours. 

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a favourite colour combo 💛🧡

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If you’re wanting a Colour Blocking For Dummies guide, you want to design your fits out of the colour theory’s colour wheel. In colour theory, the colour wheel is a definitive spectrum of colour, where we see the world in three primary colours—red, blue and yellow—and supplementary colours—purple, pink, orange, green, and shades of each of them in between. 

From there, you can play around with one solid colour (monochrome colour blocking); colours that sit next to each other on the colour spectrum (analogous colour blocking); two opposite colours on the spectrum (complimentary colour blocking); or three colours that are equally distant from each other (triadic colour blocking). 

No matter which style you choose, the key to creating a fire colour blocking fit is to make sure the colours you’re wearing are bold and stick out. To do that, you’ll want any additional layers to be in neutral colours like black, white and grey. 

If you’re going for a monochrome colour blocking fit, it’s best to build your fit out of similar but not exactly identical shades of the same colour. Doing so runs the risk of your piece looking costumey or like a matching set, instead of well, these serves. 

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And, if you’re wearing an item that’s already a colour block, it’s best to wear clothes with similar shades as the ones on the colour block piece you’re wearing.

So, with that in mind, here are some colour blocking clothes that live rent free in my mind and Instagram wishlist. 

Colour Blocking Pants & Jumpers

Lazy Oaf

Syrup faves Lazy Oaf sell this bold oversized colour block knitted jumper in super bright rainbow stripes. Made out of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent acrylic, it looks super soft and warm. Sadly, the turtleneck is not part of the item but the overall composition of the colours is fun. 

This colour block knitted jumper by Lazy Oaf is currently on sale for $40.12 (usually $136.78) on Lazy Oaf’s website.

Cool Shirtz

Melbourne based street line Cool Shirtz features this rainbow corporate turtleneck in the primary colours with a “Very Cool Inc rainbow symbol” embroidery, and it’s probably the closest thing you’ll get to a stylish yet casual member of Sesame Street. Want a quick and affordable jump into colour blocking? This is your gal.

Also, owning a pair myself, I can safely say they are obnoxiously cool and comfy. It’s been part of my everyday wear ever since they arrived in the post.

Rainbow “Very Cool” embroidery, corporate turtleneck by Cool Shirtz is priced at $70 over on Cool Shirtz.

Aelfric Eden

Aelfric Eden is an American streetwear brand rooted in “skateboarding, graffiti and Asian culture.” They sell this funky pair of corduroy pants with retro colour block patches, utility cargo pockets and elastic waist and soft cotton drawstrings. 

You could pair these with the Cool Shirtz “Very Cool” since the shades of bright red and green match well with these darker shades of the same colour. Also, fun fact, the company vows that with every purchase made, they will donate to a child in need via a partnership with UNICEF.

Patchwork colour block corduroy pants by Alefric Eden on sale for $56.95, 50% off its original price of $129.95, on the Aelfric Eden website.

Buon Clothing

Buon Clothing is a small independent Australian designer who creates adorable colour blocking sweaters and, soon, tracksuit pants. While they sold out their first batch in like, less than a week, the local brand plans to restock soon. 

Their jumpers are super warm and baggy, perfect for winter and everyday wear. 

The jumpers are priced at $109 and tracksuits have yet to release on the Buon Clothing website.

Chinti and Parker

Chinti and Parker has this light salmon, red and mustard cotton colour block jumper with a panelled colour block design, crew neck, long sleeves in a relaxed fit and ribbed trimming.

Colour block jumper by Chinti and Parker currently on sale for $145, 60% off $362, on Farfetch.


MGSM has this multi-coloured colour blocking knitted jumper that feels like if luxury street fashion met Play School. the item is made in Italy and out of 100 percent cotton, featuring a “relaxed shape, round neck, long sleeves, ribbed cuffs and a straight hem.”

You can get this colour block knitted jumper by MGSM for $678, 25% off it’s original price of $904, from Farfetch.

MGSM also has this light pastel, bright red and black colour blocking tracksuit, which could go well with a pastel colour block jumper from Buon Clothing or Chinti Parker (just saying…). 

These pair of colour block logo-print tracksuit pants from MGSM are priced at $512 on Farfetch.

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