Everyone Wants To Be A Cowboy, Baby

The last two years have had a strong run with themed fashion. Instead of simple isolated trends—the bygone ilk of ‘bag shapes’ and ‘dress silhouettes’ shelved for now—things now come in thematic collections.

’90s athleisure cycled back in with elastic headbands, Princess Di-esque bike shorts, neutral palettes and chunky sneakers. White knee-high boots, the return of tie-dye and scuffed-up band tees put ’60s eccentric back on the board. Victoriana even made a play—frilled collars, white lace and laced-up corsets in support. In short? We don’t want to dress in things, we want to dress like things. The next fashion-approved persona? The cowboy, babyyy.

In 2019, Repeller definitively welcomed the Yeehaw Agenda in an article on the politics of the cowboy. Despite one in four cowboys in America being Black, African American yeehawers have been erased from the agenda. But, if the success of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” and Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion has told us anything, it’s that not only is that changing, but all things cowboy are making a resurgence—including the fashion.

Street-style stars have been championing various Western styles during 2019’s fashion seasons, including bandana prints, cowboy boots (spurs, steel caps and/or whip-stitched patterns), denim shirts, leather trousers, and fringed everything. Other cowboy-adjacent trends like cow print, bolo ties and Stetson hats have also made appearances. Think Syrup fave and gay cowboy icon Orville Peck’s iconic fringed masks, yeehaw cowgirl drag queen Trixie Mattel and her Dolly Parton wig collection, John Marston saddling down town on his horsey with his cowboy hat and leather trousers in Red Dead Redemption, or, even, Cowboy Kermit.

Everyone who’s anyone wants to be darn tootin cowboy, chewing on some faux tobacco, spitting it in a bucket and riding off to the sunset, for their next western adventure. Don’t believe us? Take a scroll down to see 26 stylish show-goers embrace the wild, wild west and admit it’s hiiigh noon. As that one Vine that lives rent free in my head goes, “I wanna be a cowboy baby.

Mahalia is a journalist and editor/founder/number one fan of Syrup. She cut her teeth in fashion magazines before she was forced to move into youth publications because she says 'yeet' unironically. Maximalist ring enthusiast and dedicated nap hobbyist.