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Look At These Fluffy Bucket Hats: They’re So Fluffy I’m Gonna Die

Before you ask, yes, the weather is warming up again and yes, there is already a glut of throwback ’80s, ’90s and 2000s trends that we’re happily playing with. But the appeal of the fluffy bucket hat is strong and it is growing. As popularised by Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and of course, the O.G. fluffy headgear wearer Zsa Zsa Gabor, the fluffy bucket hat is one of those pieces that’s so absurd and amusing that it’s hard not to instinctively smile at.

Now, we’re big fans of the bucket hat already here at Syzz, please peep the custom hand-tie-dyed versions (!!) made by our very own editor in chief Mahalia Chang here. Comfier than a fitted, less likely to give you weird hat hair and very cute, what’s not to enjoy? Long may the bucket hat reign.

While the fluffy bucket hat’s main function may not be so much sun protection as adding some textual flair to the top of your outfit, we reckon they could still be versatile enough to add into your wardrobe. It’d sit comfortably alongside other smile and debate inducing items, like Crocs and zebra print, for example. It’s definitely a reach, but a fluffy bucket hat could also still be a ~neutral basic~ if you copped one in white, cream or black. Not the below tomato red though, you’re on your own for figuring out how to work that into your minimalist capsule wardrobe.

If we’ve successfully convinced you of the cutesy-cosy appeal of the fluffy bucket hat, fantastic, our work here is done.

And if not, shall we muse together on a little more inspiration and some options of where to shop them? We’ve got your luxe options and handmade from Depop options covered, of course. So go on, go fluff yourself.

Fluffy Bucket Hats To Enjoy RN

Shearling Face Sun Hat (Pre-order), $295 from Dauphinette.

Fluffy Cow Print Bucket Hat, $30 from dannii_t on Depop.

Black Bucket Hat, approx. $583 AUD from Emma Brewin.

Fluffy Pink Bucket Hat, $40 from Lovers Club on Depop.

Baby Pink Loonigans X Chloe Louise – Flip Sequin & Faux Fur Bucket Hat (Reversible), approx. $51 AUD from Chloe Louise Designs.

Lead image via Instagram @chloelouisedesigns.

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