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Ganni, Love Ur New Sweats, But Not This Timing

In the year of pandemic-induced isolation and staying at home, who among us didn’t fall prey to the siren song of cosy tie-dye sweat sets, knitted matching sets, Zoom-appropriate pjs, and living in not-very-active activewear? The winter section of our wardrobes are healthy, they’ve been eatin’ good, we’re set! Or so we thought… In today’s fashion news that sadly comes just a little too late, one of our fave Scandi-cool fashion labels is entering the world of matching set sweats and hoodies. Danish label Ganni has thrown down the cosy gauntlet with “Software”: their offering of matching sweatshirts, sweatpants and hoodies… just in time for the Australian summer, RIP.

Not only is the new Ganni Software collection aesthetically on point, adorned simply with a collegiate “GANNI” across the 11-piece line, but it also boasts a few eco-friendly credentials. While Ganni isn’t necessarily a strictly sustainable fashion label, the brand has been making some recent efforts in the space that have been gr8 to see. We recently saw their v cute and collar-ful rentable collab with Levi’s, which intends to explore a more circular, sustainable approach to fashion in a very Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants way.

The Ganni Software line features a 75% traceable supply chain, meaning Ganni can actually map the impact of producing their pieces. Their goal is eventually to achieve 100% traceability, which we absolutely love to see. In terms of what’s actually *in* these cosy goodies, the Software line uses recycled fabrics made from EcoLife®, a blend of 50% post-consumer recycled polyester and 50% pre-consumer recycled Cotton. We all know by now that there’s a massive glut of clothes in the world and that textile waste is a massive ecological issue, so it’s nice to see this prioritisation of sustainability.

The Ganni Software line is dropping online in classic neutrals on the 14th of October for Ganni Gals in the U.S., but you can also expect some other fun colourways (hazel and lilac) soon. You can peep more pictures of the collection below. Excuse us while we try to figure out if we can justify nabbing a set for next year…

Monisha Rudhran (@monishamay) is a writer and chronic Pisces. Formerly at Syrup, she's now a Digital Content Producer at ELLE and marie claire Australia. She’s into trying to be a better person and sparkling water.