Gucci Adds A Gender-Neutral Shopping Section To Their Website, Gucci MX

Hello everyone who has never liked shopping in the stereotypical ‘womens’ and ‘mens’ sections, Gucci is launching a genderless shopping section—Gucci MX—and ykw? We do love to see it.

According to i-D, the new section—launched earlier today—catalogues “every item from the Pre-Fall and FW20 collection,” only shot entirely on models who identify as gender-neutral. As of writing, the collection includes a series of coats, animal-printed baseball caps, jackets and shorts and this ‘90s homage pair of check cotton lamé flare pants (ICYMI: flares are 100 percent in). The aim is for the section to be updated with every coming season’s collection. So, give it a lil while and it’ll be a perfect gender neutral fashion paradise.

“The house’s collections emphasise the dissolving lines of the gender divide in the name of self-expression,” the Gucci MX website reads. “Playing with the constructive nature of gender, the MX project underlines the performative nature of what we wear, presenting masculinity and femininity as relative concepts.”

FYI, here at Syrup HQ, we know that fashion isn’t gendered. We encourage you to say a big old ‘fuck you’ to labels and wear whatever you feel comfortable in, regardless of your gender identity, sexual orientation or how you think others will perceive you. Unlike that popular TikTok trend, we are begging you to do it and experiment.  

Here’s just a handful of some gender-neutral fashion icons proving our v point.


…and there’s many more to come 😎🤠 #nonbinary #fashion

♬ Then Leave – BeatKing

y’all make this look so easy 🥵 here i am spending way too much time on an 11-second video #badthing #femme #nonbinary acab

♬ #HotSeat –

Anywayyy, part of Gucci MX’s big splash is the Jackie 1961, a reimagining of a classic Gucci handbag. The bag slapped in the ’60s and ’70s before it was reborn as part of the FW20 menswear and womenswear collections in January and February, respectively. Here’s what it looks like on a series of gender-neutral models. 

As per a New York Times report, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele first revealed plans to deconstruct “distinctions between men’s wear and women’s wear” during a press conference in late May.  

“We need new oxygen to allow this complex system to be reborn,” he said at the time, referring to both the Gucci MX announcement and plans for the company to limit their collection showcases from five to two times per year.

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