13 Chic Hijabis To Follow On IG & The Best Places To Buy Hijabs Online

Some clothes are more meaningful than others. And some clothes are more politicised, critiqued, and—now finally—celebrated more than others. There possibly isn’t another group of people that know this better than those who wear hijabs, a headscarf traditionally worn by women in the Muslim community, though even this definition plays it a little fast and loose.

Safiyah El-Houdaigui (@safiyahhh), who co-runs the account @hijabfashion on Instagram told Paper the “Hijab is often misunderstood to be solely restricted onto Muslim women when in reality, there are multiple religions that call for women to cover, whether it be their bodies or hair.”

El-Houdaigui explains: ”the Hijab is not an exact science; it means different things to different people and is largely related to modesty.”  She adds that modesty “is not limited to clothing either, it includes having modest thoughts, feelings, and actions,” and for Muslims, modesty is a divinely prescribed value for men just as much as women.

That said, modesty ≠ dull and we’re not perpetuating that stereotype anymore! Have a peruse below through a bunch of Instagrams to get amongst if you’re a hijab wearer, each of these individuals rocks the hijab in their own way, and you simply love to see it.

Hijab Fashion Instagrammers To Follow

Hijab Fashion @hijabfashion 3.1m followers

The aforementioned and extremely aesthetically pleasing account that boasts a chill three million+ followers. They post a well curated selection of inspo, from classic neutrals to spicy streetwear. Get amongst it.

Safiyah El-Houdaigui @safiyahhh 81.8k followers

Queen of Mirror Selfies and parent of the extremely successful account @hijabfashion, Safiyah is a must follow. Please enjoy her cozy outfits and deeply relatable commentary.

Hoda Katebi @hodakatebi 69.1k followers

Excuse me while I’m busy over here making giant heart eyes at Hoda Katebi. Homegirl is a community organiser, writer and creative working in the world of politics and fashion. Please read her incredible piece on the political value of fashion here, and ofc follow her Instagram for thoughtful commentary and hijab fashion. 

Halima Aden @halima 1.1m followers

A true trailblazer, Halima was the first woman to wear a hijab in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant, where she was a semi-finalist, got the right to wear her hijab written into her modelling contracts and was recently the first person to wear a hijab in Sports Illustrated. Oh and her style? *chef kiss*

Kadija Diawara @kadijadiawara 9.1k followers

Kadija Diawara is not only an Egyptian-Malian model currently making strides (literally) in the fashion industry, she also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience. Beauty n brains, truly the whole package.

Ikram Abdi Omar @ikamabdi 70.3k followers

Swedish-born Somalian model Ikram simply didn’t come to play. She’s a bit of a fashion chameleon and a must follow if you’re always looking for new inspo. 

In her words: “I’ve always loved clothes and tried to find new ways of trying something and styling a headscarf with my clothes. My style is constantly changing, as I love to show myself in different ways. The whole thing about fashion is to experiment—don’t just stick to what you are used to.”

Lil bonus for ya, check out her video on how to style a headscarf below.

 Rahmalia Aufa Yazid @aufatokyo 83.3k followers

Repping the hijab and modest fashion in the cool streets of Tokyo, Rahmalia combines Muslim and Japanese fashions in her unique person style unlike anything else we’ve seen. 

She mentions being inspired by the Tajima Uniqlo modest dressing collection: “Her fashion didn’t feel like it was trying to be particularly gorgeous, vivid, or even traditional,” adding “That was the moment the hijab changed from an impersonal, religious item of clothing to something that was true to my life. 

Zeina Nassar @zeina.boxer 89.1k followers 

Quite literally smashing down boundaries, Zeina is the current Berlin Boxer titled-holder and helped to change the current rules for boxing matches in Germany so that women with headscarves can compete.

“Back then I thought: do I really live in a society where women with hijab are not allowed to do what they want?,” she shares in a post, “Why can’t I just do what everyone else can? I’m just a woman who wants to box.” Big mood.

Şura Er Sena @senasuraeerr 186k followers

Have you ever seen someone with such a cohesive and sleek aesthetic you want to pivot your entire wardrobe? Okay well, don’t do that because what you see on the internet is a curated and polished version of something that might not even exist in real life. (Hello Lil Miquela!) But anyway, Şura Er’s style is amaze, chuck her a follow if you’re into it too.

Amiena @a.mienaa 233k followers

The makeup, the smile, the style. Amiena is not only excellent inspiration for hijab styles (whether they’re more masc-inspired styles or ultra femme) but also that *glow*. We’d like a skincare routine pls.

Maryam @maryam.amaria 17k followers

The definition of luxe and lady-like pretty much epitomises Maryam Amaria. This chic veiled honey splits her time between Great Britain and the Arab Emirates, and frequently looks simply way too good for someone just chilling at an airport

Hanan @withhanan_ 26.9k followers

Other than extreme travel envy, Hanah is a lifestyle and fashion blogger to follow if you’re after some extremely cute, somewhat European-inspired hijab style. I want her blazers and a croissant now.

Suzanne & Nesma Kadry @kd_sisters_style 166k followers

Never have I ever wanted to coordinate similar outfits with my sis, but there’s something extremely cool about Suzanne and Nesma Kadry, it says both “double trouble” and “double the fun.” They also run a well curated online shop if you’re scrolling and on the lookout for a style shakeup. 

Where To Buy Hijabs Online

A final note, the act shopping for hijabs has also gotten a lot easier because of the internet.  We’ve rounded up some of our favourites below.

Hijab House is one of the world’s largest hijab fashion brands that offers the latest looks to young hijabis, plus their massive social presence means it’s really easy to keep abreast of current trends in the world of modest fashion. 

I had never thought about this, but it makes complete sense, if you’re wearing a piece of clothing around your face and hair all day you want it to be kind to your skin and hair! 

Silq Rose is a brand built on principles of self-care, sustainability, empowerment and consciousness. They use predominantly natural fabrics that are made for high wearing comfort and breathability, no more feeling like you’re a walking static machine in polyester. 

Australian based retailer Veil of Faith is another great shout if you’re in the market, plus they also have a brick and mortar store in NSW

If ya wanna get real fancy, or maybe you’ve been searching for that one specific print everywhere and you’re still coming up empty. Can I suggest… a personalised hijab. 
Bags Of Love has an option for making your own hijab, you can even upload a photo you’d like printed on your choice of material. This would also be a stunning gift, just make sure you pick silk for extra fancy points.

Lead image via @hijabfashion, @safiyahhh.

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