All The Things From Fashion Week I Can’t Wait To See Hypebeasts Wearing

I’m gonna say this one time, at the top, fashion is subjectiveeeee. 

However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter, a tired n reductive argument that ignores the way social histories, culture, class and power is played out in what we wear. With that disclaimer, my god, the industry produces some amusing shit in the name of making a ~statement.~

Some fashion is endlessly wearable. Blue jeans, white shirts—classics are classics for a reason, and fashion month is always churning out a bunch of stuff we want to wear right tf now. 

That said, fashion also exists to push the envelope. Sometimes it slaps, especially on the fashion world’s more experimental stars and editors, but sometimes when things make the jump over into the ‘real world’ (read: the IG feeds of dudes that have shit like ‘6”2’ bc apparently that matters 🙄’ in the bio) they can come off a lil (lot) absurd.

As Paris fash-week draws to a close, we thought it’d be worthwhile rounding up all the  ~avant garde~ things we can’t wait to see hypebeasts and baes wear and look dumb in. 

These boots are made for walking optimal toe-mobility 

Look, maybe I have too also question myself here since I think the Margiela Tabi boot is a classic, wearable icon, but pleaaaaseee I am ready for the Balenciaga sock-shoe to be usurped by it’s aggressively uglier if slightly more ergonomic friend. Not content with the platform croc, Balenciaga sent down what look like high fashion versions of Vibram five fingers down their splishy-splashy runway. 

Given Vibram’s recent collab w the very cool Suicoke, who knows maybe I’m the idiot and this is the year of #FreeTheToe?

No social media, except when I say so

At Vetements High, the anti-establishment house has once again embraced its own particular brand of self-awareness. The house treads an interesting blurry line between high fashion and streetwear, but has maybe gone a lil too meta and literal (at the same time) with its most recent showing.

As Emma Hope Allwood wrote for Dazed last year, “You don’t churn out branded socks or sell a tourist style mug for $80 because you’re trying to disrupt the industry. You do it because you can. And then you move to Switzerland… known for its favourable tax agreements.”

Our hypebeast pick? The A/W show featured a ‘no social media t-shirt,’ which was promptly posted to the brand’s Instagram page. 

I love wearing snow boots, they’re awesome

Look, if nothing else, we can acknowledge Kanye’s impact that it’s 2020 and people are still walking about in the Yeezy Boost 350 2017 colourways. But… these snow boot… sleeping bag… hybrid things? Idk man. Not our tempo. (My angel creative director thinks they look like a Simpon’s head, and now I can’t unsee it.) 

According to the initial reactions from Yeezy fans on social media, it’s mostly not their tempo either, though one user, @hoznane, does observe the subtle inclusivity, “He do be making winter boots for builders doe.”

Pass the aux, I gotta put my hair up

Another one from our friends at Balenci: models on the A/W 2020 runway sported Apple charging cables in their hair as hair ties. The look was fitting with the post-apocalyptic vibes of the show (in which tech is rendered obsolete without electricity) and one of a few overt comments on the climate crisis during this fashion week run.

Will it surpass the scrunchie as the hair accessory of the moment? Hypebaes have been contacted for comment and we await their responses eagerly.

How to style a T-shirt (cool!)

Image via ADER error.

Alright, we have no actual significant beef with the actual spring/summer 2020 ADER error drop. I would just like to speak with the person who decided to style this particular look, with an upside down T-shirt hanging casually from under the model’s baggy button-down shirting. 

I guess it’d be a nice way to showcase an extra Supreme piece in an already maximalist outfit? Or keep your thighs warm if you have poor circulation? Either way, very intrigued to see if this styling takes off.

Reporting from my desk and absolutely not at fashion week because I wasn’t invited, this is Syrup’s hypebeast trend reporter, over n out.

Monisha is a writer with a background in publishing and digital media. A chronic Pisces, she’s into trying to be a better person and sparkling water.

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