How To Dress Like Bubblegum Pop E-Girl, Jules Vaughn, From HBO’s ‘Euphoria’

HBO’s Euphoria is ripe with iconic fashion inspo and eco-friendly glittery makeup goals.

Each of the girls’ styles demonstrates their personalities and the way they see themselves even before we get to know their backstories. Cassie, who struggles with finding her own sense of identity and sense of self throughout the season, dresses in quite plain and conservative fits. Some hallmarks: her mum jeans, neutral patterns and a lotta baby-blue.

Meanwhile, our fav-Emmy winner Zendaya‘s character Rue favours protective, baggy hoodies and loose knits. Real fans will have contemplated trying to pool their dollars together to buy her symbolic purple hoodie at an A24 charity auction. Occasionally Rue will change it up with an excellent printed shirt but her style is much more low-key than Zendaya’s extremely glam serves IRL.

But, one character from the show gives me life like no other: Euphoria’s resident messy e-girl and Rue’s ultimate high school crush, Jules Vaughn, played by Hunter Schafer.

Okay, so I can’t be the only one who’s not happy with how Jules just abandoned Rue at the train station at the end of the season when she was literally having a panic attack, but you can’t help idolise her for her signature looks. Drawing on late ’80s to ‘90s casual styles, bubblegum pop pink palettes and bold, highlighter yellows, she brings out the most glamorous everyday magical girl looks we could only dream of. 

Specifically, we’re looking at her distinct everyday wear: neon and hi-vis colour blocking t-shirts over long-sleeves and mini-skirt combos, a love for mesh crop tops, chunky shoes and fishnet stockings. If you need a comprehensive crash course in said colour blocking, aka 2020’s biggest fashion trend, check out our guide here.

Here’s how to dress like Euphoria’s bubblegum pop teen, Jules Vaughn.

First and foremost, Jules is Euphoria’s resident bubblegum pop queen

Jules’ aesthetic is very bubblegum pop princess meets e-girl fantasy. She draws on a lot of neon and hi-vis colours, a key feature of some e-girl substyles, and most of her wardrobe is defined by bold purples, baby pinks and plaid check bottoms.

From there, she changes her hair frequently, giving herself frosted pink and dark green tips, and dying it all platinum blond.

And, everything she wears in an outfit is colour coordinated, from her tops all the way down to her kicks. 

Tees On Tees and Layers On Layers

Jules loves layering. In her everyday wear, she dons a casual tee, either mesh or plain textured, over a long-sleeve shirt combo.

If you’re going for the tee on tee look, aim for similar shade and tones. If you’re going for Jules’ look, you wanna avoid wearing colours that clash (no bright pink and caramel pls).

There’s no hard and fast rule on whether you should wear the darker tone over the lighter one, but ideally, the goal is to make your sleeves more defined. It’s also best to tuck in your shirt and maybe opt for a cheeky french tuck or full tuck. Personally, I like to roll the sleeves on my long-sleeves halfway so they’re up to my elbows, but to each their own here.

Match this with a sweet mini-skirt of a similar colour and it’ll be a very cute look.

Oh, and as always, if one of these layers is a pattern, do not wear a different pattern underneath. Not only is it extremely hard to pull off but it kinda just looks too busy and doesn’t work.

If you’re going for the tee option, try playing around with printed tees and mesh crop tops. If you’re going with the former, give the look more visual interest and texture by adding some light fishnet arm sleeves. If you’re going with this idea, we strongly recommend you wear either fishnet leggings or arm sleeves, not both. 

Follow that off with a cute little mini-skirt moment

From there, Jules loves to wear a mini-skirt. Just like her charmingly extroverted and outgoing personality, it’s freeing and cute, and lets her proudly and courageously walk around as an openly transgender and sex positive teen.

For some pattern inspo, we suggest going for her adorable yellow A-line tartan mini-skirt she wears when she first locks eyes with Rue, or, a box-pleated plaid. Ideally, you want something that feels freeing to move in and plays off the textures and colours on your tees. 

If your top half is looking a little plain and not patterned, why not chuck a little plaid? Can always do with more plaid checkers, imo. Connect this all together with a nice light toned buckle or studded belt that matches the rest of the outfit.

Chunky sneakers, pendants, soft chokers, oh my.

When it comes to accessories, she usually goes for a choker or pendant necklace. Where Kat would go for a stud or ring choker to assert her dominance, Jules generally goes for something cute and fun, like a soft strap or lace with butterflies or stars on them

Just like BTS’ J-Hope, the trick here is not to mix and match types of accessories. If you’re wearing a soft strap choker, I wouldn’t recommend adding any pendant necklaces. Similarly, if you’re wearing a pendant necklace, feel free to add another one that goes further down your neckline.

And, ofc, she wouldn’t be anywhere without her chunky white sneakers and backpacks.

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