nike air force 1 lx sportswear pack 2020

Nike’s New Air Force 1 And Air Max 98 Sneakers Are V 2005 Draw On Ur Shoes Vibes

From tie-dye to screenprinting to banana bread to making elaborate decorations in Animal Crossing: DIY is alive and well in the time of corona. Nike’s latest sneaker is vibing it too, throwing it right back to when Converse Chucks, Van’s Slip Ons and Nike Air Force 1’s served double duty as footwear and a black canvas for all our haphazard (and painstaking) customisations. The new “Sportswear” pack includes the classic Nike Air Force 1 and Air Max 98 silhouettes with a customisable tear-away white upper.

nike Air Max 98 LX womens sneaker

Underneath the white upper layer, the Nike Air Force 1 LX and Air Max 98 LX feature mystery colourways that can be revealed as much—or as little—as you like. From the sneak peeks though, the colourways are some gr8 primary school-esque brights. Think turmeric yellow, a bright coral, a Euphoria Jules’ sky blue and even a neon green on the AF1’s tongue. Both styles of the customisable shoe are going to be available with two peel-n-reveal colourways.

 Nike Air Force 1 LX womens sneaker

To be honest, even without tearing off the white the shoe it looks really cool? The upper layer is breathable synthetic textile, so you could potentially leave the entire shoe completely white, save for the little scissor icons, a nice design touch in itself. The papery texture kind of calls to mind pieces like the Comme des Garçons PVC and paper bag tote. Though… you probably aren’t ripping up and customising your Comme too soon.

comme de garcon brown paper bag tote

Since we’re currently inside most of the time, it does kinda beg the question if we even need to be buying any more shoes rn at all—tho Syrup are big fans of trying to support small biz and local makers etc. One way to break out of your sneaker funk right now is deep cleaning the ones in your current rotation. Syrup‘s guide to how to clean your sneakers is straight from the team at The Sneaker Laundry, so now you know.

The Air Force 1 LX and Air Max 98 LX will both be available later this year via and the Nike App.

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