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Shall We Take A Moment For Prada?

It’s September. Despite it all, we got here. And so did the fashion world. While many of the shows looked markedly different from the earlier fashion week this year, before all the unprecedentedness hit, designers have rolled with the punches and the looks are rolling out. In an afternoon show in Milan, Raf Simons made his debut as Prada’s co-creative director, alongside Miuccia Prada herself. It was a show that’s as much tugging on our fashion nostalgia heartstrings as it is looking to the future, and for your perusal, here are some of our thinky thoughts.

We should clutch our coats more

The coat clutch, a Simons touch that has lived in our hearts since his final show at Jil Sander in 2012, was back in full force at the Prada spring 2021 show. Idk what it is about this motif that’s so endearing? It’s kind of poised and casual at the same time; self-protective and delicate, but also deliberate. The brand calls it an “innately human” gesture and we agree. Anyway, it makes us wanna clutch things more.

Logomania can be ~refined~

We’ve seen logomania taken to wild heights this year with the Y2K and ’90s style resurgences, but this show offered a slightly different interpretation of wearing your fashion allegiances on your sleeve. The signature Prada logo appeared not it’s usual triangular enable form, but as a print, in stud earrings and ear cuffs and on the tops of the bright kitten-heel pumps. Like, there are four Prada logos we can count in the above look, but it’s not at all too much.

Uniform dressing is freeing, not restrictive

We’re big advocates for a conscious, sustainable approach toward fashion and dressing ourselves and Simons and Mrs Prada are musing on it too. Both creative directors spent a lot of time reflecting on how “new” is no longer a great North Star for the fashion industry, whose environmental impact is being scrutinised ever closer in recent times.

They discussed the importance of a uniform, and how it can be something “to think” and “feel well” in. (And now we’re thinking about how much mental energy we saved in high school not having to choose what to wear in the morning.) The Prada show featured clean tunics over crisp straight-leg trousers, thermals that were decidedly layerable (if featuring off-beat cutouts) and simple shift dress shapes that we can see being worn long after the season is over.

Hands-free fashion suits the mood rn

While the beloved Prada backpack was present at the spring show, we’re maybe even more intrigued by the translation of the bags and pockets onto the clothing. There’s something about it that feels really right for the current zeitgeist. As much as we love a streetwear slingbag, nothing says “I’m prepared to leg it from this protest right now,” than having your important accoutrements literally wrapped across your body. You might not have been born ready, but you’re dressed ready.

The hoodie endures all

The back-end of the collection saw Simons reunited with Peter De Potter, the designer and artist behind Raf Simons Redux. Potter’s prints and text appeared across the collection on the skirts and dresses, but we’re betting the sell-out items will be the hoodies and sweatshirts. They have that distinctly cool, DIY screen print vibe, but you know, Prada. After a year inside, it seems like we’re not quite ready to let go of these comforting sartorial security blankets just yet. But you know, we can throw some flowers on ’em for spring.

Monisha is a writer with a background in publishing and digital media. A chronic Pisces, she’s into trying to be a better person and sparkling water.