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The Very Best Pajamas To Wear To A Zoom Meeting

We’re coming up to the two months solid working from home mark and things are getting loose around here, to say the least. Especially in the world of food and fashion. Breakfasts are no longer thoughtfully assembled oatmeal bowls so much as chaotic Robert Pattinson-style pasta dishes. We’ve dived headfirst into a “leggings are definitely pants” campaign and see no issue with wearing the same tracksuit for three days in a row. Today, we make the case that you need not even bother with those because you can just carefully select some versatile work from home pyjamas.

Picking the right pyjamas means that you can roll straight out of bed into your nine am Zoom call after leaving only enough time to brush your teeth and wash your face. While we’ve got sets and soft hoodies that kinda veer into the loungewear territory here, our main tip would be to focus on your shirt. Whether it’s details like a bright print, a logo or a collar a good pyjama shirt can multitask as well as you do: watching Playstation 5 video game trailers while working on that Powerpoint. They’re the workhorse of your work from home wardrobe, if you will.

We’ve rounded up ten of the best work from home pyjama options for all your corporate cosy needs. Just keep the blanket on your lap out of the frame and no one will ever know.

10 Working From Home Approved Pyjamas

Cotton On

We can only imagine the absolute killing Cotton On and their extensive loungewear range is making while the world is in social isolation. While the brand’s basics like hoodies and sweatshirts in solid colours would serve you well for most impromptu Zoom calls, a fresh white shirt can help you feel a little more polished. And nobody has to know its an extremely comfy pyjama shirt. Shop the Pointelle Bed T Shirt ($19.00) at Cotton On.


Stripes. Stripes say professional, right? This peach and green number also has a pocket and a cuff detail, so when we eventually emerge from our little WFH goblin caves, this shirt can come with you to the real office. Shop the Topshop Stripe Shirt ($45) and the Stripe Shorts ($35) at THE ICONIC.

Deiji Studios

Oversized linen shirts are truly the versatile shirts doing the most right now. What other fabric looks as at home in the boardroom as it does in the bedroom? If you want to maintain maximum comfort, opt for a really loosely cut style. We’re into the Sleepwear Set, which comes with some comfy shorts, in an unexpected Washed Black ($195) from Deiji Studios. Plus, the brand has some truly decent sustainability practices, including visiting the family-run factories where these sets are made and using waste-reducing manufacturing methods.


Satin, piping, a wrap-tie detail: this set from British lingerie label is ideal. Just make sure you draw it a tiny bit more closed depending on the seriousness of whatever client call you’ve got next. Shop the Bluebella Wren Satin Kimono Pyjama Set ($88) from ASOS.

Another shirt-style pyjama set we love from Bluebella is the Claudia Satin Pyjama Set in black. It’s basically a work shirt, right? Rag & Bone pioneered the pyjama shirt for the outside world so think of this as this as just a budget-friendly option. Shop the Bluebella Claudia Satin Pyjama Set in black ($80) at ASOS.


If you’re looking for the extremely boujee version of the above ‘proper shirt’ style of pyjama, might we offer up this set from Lunya? It’s silk but it’s washable, so we’d argue if you were gonna invest in the fancy fabric, this one might be easier maintenance. Less dry cleaning bills ya know? Shop the Washable Silk Button Down Pant Set ($258) at Lunya.

Tommy Hilfiger

Sometimes, all it takes is one subtle design detail to lift something from out-of-office to home office-appropes. The red lettering on the chest of these Tommy Hilfiger Pyjamas does exactly that. Shop the Tommy Hilfiger Sleep long sleeve pyjama set in red and white ($100) at ASOS.

Calvin Klein

WFH in My Calvins. You know what the easiest way to get away with being extremely casual and cosy in a zoom is? Elevating your usual hoodie from a soup-strained uni sweatshirt to a crispy fresh and slightly more tailored one. Grey marle, in our opinion, can definitely read as chic through a webcam, try this CK ONE Lounge Hoodie ($99.95) from Calvin Klein. Nobody needs to know what you’re wearing on the bottom.

If a sleep shirt is more your styleโ€“freedom from pants is part of the reason we love leggings so muchโ€“try another elevated classic. This option in a sleek black looks just like a regular t-shirt the waist up. Shop the CK ONE Night Shirt ($69.95) at Calvin Klein.

Sant And Abel

If you’re going for the oversized shirt look but you want it to be comfier than the cotton-poplin style you nicked from your brother’s/boyfriend’s closet, treat yourself to the very versatile nightshirt. This 100% linen option could do triple duty from bed to desk to the beach as a cover-up. Not that we’re swimming right now or anything. Shope the SANT AND ABEL Bora Bora Blues Women’s Night Shirt ($125) at THE ICONIC.

Bed Threads

Another one for the linen lovers, this french linen slip for the cult Aussie brand Bed Threads is a loungey dream. The slips are mini length but oversized for optimal sprawling out on the couch and paired with the brand’s robe gives us very off-duty art galley curator vibes. Shop the 100% French Flax Linen Slip in Oatmeal ($80) from Bed Threads.


Let’s say you wanna do the reverse and go full luxe t-shirt that looks like pjs styles. If you’ve got the spare cash, this seafoam green silk shirt from Vince looks like a buttery dream. And paired with the swooshy trousers? Heaven. BRB, trying to convince ourselves into this one based on the fact it would be a v easy but sleek outfit in the real world… so it’s good value. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Shop the Vince Satin Tee ($285) at Vince.

Lead image via Instagram @deijistudios.

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