How To Dress Like Fashion King Stanley Barber in Netflix’s ‘I Am Not Okay With This’

Stanley Barber is best boy, and that’s that on that.

From the producers of Stranger Things and director of End of the F***ing World, I Am Not Okay With This is Netflix’s next big teen superhero drama and my personal fashion inspiration. 

It’s a show that tries to answer the age old question of, would superhero powers make  growing up, dating and high school easier? And very quickly answers: no, in fact it just makes things mad complicated. Who knew?

Based on Charles Fordman’s graphic novel of the same name, I Am Not Okay With This follows Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis), a normal angsty teen who, in the midst of dealing with her dad’s suicide, unrequited queer love for her straight best friend (big mood) and single mum who just doesn’t understand her, discovers that she has powerful telekinetic abilities. 

Linked to her struggles with mental health, the superpowered subplot of the show is not only what drives it and every cliffhanger, but what makes every stressful and anxious moment Sydney goes through all the more stressful and dramatic.

Coupled with a slow jam indie rock soundtrack perfect for drowning out that voice inside your head at 3AM that reminds you of that time you said “let’s get this bread” to your lecturer, it’s an absolute must watch.

Best boy and It costar Wyatt Ollef plays Stanley Barber, Syd’s neighbour, beard and the only one who knows her superpowered secret. Oh ya, and, he’s an absolute look king with an impeccable sense of fashion. 

A baby blue suit for a daytime look? Timothée Chalamet could never.

What makes him so cool?

Answer #1: his incredible style. 

Compared to Brad and his fellow beefcake jocks in varsity jackets, jeans, trackies and basketball ¾ sleeves, Stanley’s outfits are stylish, suave and exude a sense of icy cool art boy chic. Just like his bedroom in the basement filled with old records, comics and novels, a lot of his clothes are vintage and throwbacks to 1970s pop culture. And, we love that for him (and, if you follow our steps, you)

Essentially, every scene featuring Stanley has him dressed in a classy ’70s inspired business casual look or classic coloured pant + jacket combo and a printed shirt underneath. 

A nice and crisp pair of coloured high-rise trousers  at above waist height are also a Stanley Staple, paired with a blazer of similar colour and either a plain coloured printed t-shirt underneath or patterned buttoned up shirt. 

To top it off, he usually wears a good ol solid loafer, too. 

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But where can I find clothes like his? 

Well, my sweet telekinetic teen, have you tried vintage shopping?

You can find a lot of Wyatt Ollef’s looks in I Am Not Okay With This at vintage shops and op-shopping. Vinnies is your friend here, they have a great range of secondhand patterned buttoned ups. Make sure to check out areas in your city where old white people tend to live because they usually drop off amazing vintage shirts—plus, it’s v great for the environment too! 

And, if you want to match his exact looks, Twitter user @stcnly has found each of his clothes on Amazon.

Otherwise, if you want the look rn and don’t feel like vintage shopping, we’ve included some reccies from yours truly, below: 

You can recreate his iconic baby blue outfit (the moment when I truly decided to stan him, tbh) with a pair of ASOS designed baby blue tapered pants and blazer (but make sure to get a slightly larger size since it’s a bit of a baggy look). You can also actually find the Enya drummer printed t-shirt he wears off Redbubble (yay), completing the look with some solid Hudson Shoes loafs

Then, there’s his more casual and boy next door everyday look, made up of a pink bowling shirt, long sleeve plaid fleece and slim fit chinos, paired with some Nike runners.

And lastly, his best vest look is a little difficult to pull off but after some heavy Nancy Drew-ing, we’ve found something similar. In the words of Mr Burns, see this vest, see this vest, all the way from his glasses to his chest. Although Stan wears essentially the same pants as his previous outfit, we’ve added some more chinos and convies to add some variety. 

Before you head out, why not peruse some wonderful videos on our favourite indie golden boy. Hell, watch this video of him getting ready to take Syd on a date and try and tell me he’s not your white boy of the month. Go on, I’m waiting.

Currently, Netflix has yet to confirm whether I Am Not Okay With This will get a second season, but, slight spoilers ahead, the season ends on a cliffhanger after introducing the back of a mysterious ghost-like character who I suspect is either Syd’s father or someone else with supernatural powers and a shitty childhood.

Julian Rizzo-Smith is a writer and producer. He also claims to be a vine historian, avid connoisseur of low-fi beats, indie hip hop and Kermit memes. In a perfect world, he’d be married to Tyler the Creator, own an Arcanine and a Lapras, and don his own Sailor Scouts uniform. He tweets @GayWeebDisaster, which is also, coincidentally, how one might describe him.

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