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What Exactly Is The Venn Diagram Between Hypebeasts and My Bloody Valentine Fans?

When you think Supreme, you think massive logos, rip-offs of Barbara Kruger and hypebeasts who will bid $17,000 for a packet of Oreos. What you don’t tend to think of is the pioneering Irish/English shoegaze band My Bloody Valentine, and yet, it’s 2020 and here we are. Supreme’s next collection is a Supreme x My Bloody Valentine collection, dropping online on April 23rd.

Just for some context, My Bloody Valentine is an Irish/English band originally formed in 1983 in Dublin by Kevin Shields and Colm Ó Cíosóig. The band was rounded out later in London by Debbie Googe on bass and Bilinda Butcher on guitar and vocal. As our editor Mahalia (@mahaliachang) put it, a band she pretended to listen to during her emo years.

The intersection between rap and streetwear, something that Supreme has happily walked to the bank for a long time isn’t going to translate so literally here. How many hypebeasts, who actually think the inside of Drake’s house looks *good*, are listening to music that the Supreme team describes thusly. “Inspired by hip-hop and deep house—and brightened by Butcher’s ethereal vocals—My Bloody Valentine’s music shape-shifts. It’s hazy, dissonant, abstract, yet rhythmic, sensual and warm.”

Like, I love shoegaze as much as the next person, which is to say, mildly. Slowdive is incredible on when you’re at the tail-end of Laneway and the tail-end of something else, but the shoegaze music can be pretty fairly described as “droning.” So I was wondering, what was the reasoning behind Supreme / My Bloody Valentine?

I slid into my most hype-y friend’s DMs when I saw the Instagram post. This is a rundown of how our conversation went:

Me: What are your thoughts on this?

Him: Not too sure on this collab actually, I don’t think it’s one I’d wear cause I don’t know where the graphic is from. I do like the loveless at the back. Tee > hoodie, IMO.

Me: Yeah! This is why I asked, I didn’t think younger Supreme fans would know who My Bloody Valentine were, but the people in the IG comments seem to.

Him: Yeah, most true ‘preme heads are with the skater culture. So naturally there’s crossover in the Venn diagram. I am neither, I’m just the dude that wants size 300 Supreme on my chest.

Me: HAHA. Perhaps… the purest and most blissfully stupid type of fan.

Him: “Wtf, why this shit say Supreme New York? Ain’t that shit Japanese.”

We’re both right. The comments in Supreme’s IG are pretty split, some comments are along the lines of “Hypebeasts don’t know what is band is,” while others are an enthusiastic “ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BANDS EVER.” RIP to this mans though: “Why. Couldn’t. It. Be. Slipknot!?!?” (A whole 120 likes, too.)

The Supreme / My Bloody Valentine collection features original album artwork from My Bloody Valentine’s discography. The collection consists of a Trucker Jacket, Rayon Shirt, Hooded Sweatshirt and two T-Shirts.⁣

You can camp out listening to shoegaze while you’re waiting to buy it on

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