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This Sustainable Fashion IG Challenge Is A Sweet Excuse To Dress Up

People cope with life-altering global pandemics in different ways. Some of us haven’t strayed from leggings in a month, others are jumping on the cosy tie-dye hoodie train. Both are extremely valid options, but I have to admit, I’m starting to feel like a cartoon character that has exactly one (1) look. Did all those WFH articles advising us to get dressed “properly” to “maintain a routine” have a point?

If you’re also beginning to feel kind of stale, it can be tempting to hop onto your prefered online fash retailer and hit add to cart on some aspirational going-out fits or new loungewear. Business of Fashion has reported that athleisure wear sales are off the charts, and I don’t think it’s just yogis doing more downward dogs. Many of us, including Syrup‘s very own editor in chief Mahalia Chang (@mahaliachang) are turning to the “stretchy constancy” of leggings when staring down the barrel of perpetual uncertainty.

That said, we know that buying more stuff can’t fill the void in our hearts—though that would be simpler 🥺. Effective self care isn’t buying a Prada headband and calling it a day. But that doesn’t mean aesthetics can’t make us feel a little bit more together, functional and like the creative individuals we are. You already know we’re big sustainable fashion tragics and ‘Earth Day is everyday’ people here at Syrup, and now: enter the Slow Fashion Spirit Week.

The Slow Fashion Spirit Week is being hosted by Cat (@cookiecat.henrine) and Charissa (@kalos__style) two sustainable fashion Instagrammers and sustainability advocates. It’s a weeklong outfit challenge that the hosts hope to will lift spirits a little bit right now, you can throw your ethically made straw hat in the ring at #slowfashionspiritweek.

If you’re not across the susty fashion IG community, it’s truly one of the most wholesome corners of the internet. As well as Cat and Charissa, other sustainable fashion and slow living IGers are hosting each themed day of the challenge. Among the incredible people involved from all over the world: Masego Morgan (@coconut_cracked), Chloé (@chloegoslowly) Jazmin Vega (@jazminvegaz), Kara (@theflippside), Jazmine Rogers (@thatcurlytop), Sydney Grace (@ohhhhhhhhhoney) and Gi Shieh (@thesensiblyfay).

Each day’s hosts embodies the challenge, for example, Thursday is DIY day, hosted by Masego Moran (@coconut_cracked). She’s known for her thoughtful upcycling, remaking and mending… as well as being absurdly radiant. Maybe being kind to the earth makes you glow because of good karma??

Among the other sustainable fashion challenges throughout the week are wearing as much secondhand clothing as you can, wearing something you’d wear on a vacation, and (sob) the first outfit you’re gonna wear after quarantine ends. The hashtag is already being populated with some absolute looks, and the positivity and sense of community are infectious. But in a good way, not a COVID-19 way.

Right off the back of Fashion Revolution week, #SlowFashionSpiritWeek is a sustainable fashion challenge that continues the mission. As well as being a fun excuse to dress up, these bloggers, activists and fashionable honeys are spreading the message that style shouldn’t and doesn’t need to cost human lives and damage the earth.

Get dressed up in your finest wavy garms from Depop, thrifted treasures and sustainable fashion brand favourites.

Lead image via Instagram @cookiecat.henrine, @jazminvegaz, @be.the.chang.

Monisha is a writer with a background in publishing and digital media. A chronic Pisces, she’s into trying to be a better person and sparkling water.

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