10 Matching Tie-Dye Tracksuit Sets For Going Absolutely Nowhere

While the origins of the current tie-dye fever gripping our hearts is vague, like ’90s fashion trends and Club Penguin, we’re glad it’s back. That said, the tie-dye of this generation is being deployed a little differently to past incarnations.

Stella McCartney / ASAI / MSGM

The dyes splashed across recent high fashion runways have been in unexpected colourways, think less crunchy hippy rainbows and more acidic yellows, desaturated blues and greys and clashing technicolour.

Adidas / Louis Vuitton / Louis Vuitton

In the world of accessories, an early adopter of the trend was Pharrell Williams with his Adidas By Pharrel tie-dye NMD sneaker, and of course, the classic Louis Vuitton bag styles remixed in vibrant tie-dye in their 2020 spring collection. While we’re not looking to invest in the Stella McCartney jumpsuit *just* yet, we are extremely into another area the trend is seeping into: matching tie-dye tracksuits and tie-dye hoodies.

What is it about the image of lounging around in swirly, overlapping psychedelic inspired colours that is so appealing? Is it about ricocheting between the minimalist standard of our favourite leggings to something that’s overtly colourful and conveys a sense of sartorial optimism? As well as its ties to sustainability—it’s a tradition that’s steeped in the use of natural dyes with artisan techniques, London designer A Sai Ta, also told Harper’s BAZAAR that it feels like a natural fit for the mood of our times.

“It’s as relevant to the times now as it was in the counter movement of the hippies,” he said. “It’s a reflection of freedom and hope. The tie-dye process always creates unexpected results and its outcome is always uncertain, which I guess is the mood of the times now. The unknown is more present.” He said that the tie-dye designs in his recent ASAI collection made him feel, “hopeful.”

Of course, considering the shaky situation many of our jobs are in right now, a lot of this list is really more aspirational than achievable right now. If you’re looking for a way to get your tie-dye fix on a budget, why not take it back to its roots and go DIY styles?

To make your own matching tie-dye tracksuit set or just a standalone tie-dye hoodie you’re gonna need a bunch of dyes, a dye kit, some rubber bands and an afternoon of your finest quarantine-time. You can either go completely improvised or watch this handy tutorial. Another option is starting with a black tracksuit set and using bleach (amped up with toilet cleaner of all things) to reverse tie-dye your set to a kinda burnout/smokey result.

While I gather my supplies for this weekend’s crafternoon project (I’m not getting into woodworking… yet) have a gander at some of our favourite matching tie-dye tracksuits and tie-dye hoodies below. ✌

The Best Tie-Dye Tracksuit Sets (According To Us)

Aries Arise

I’m pretty sure this was The One. The tie-dye tracksuit set that started it all for me. Ugh, the colour palette, the gently positive “No Problemo,” the sweet hand-dyed 100% cotton goodness. My brain says, “you are a pawn of late-stage capitalism, go read ur own thoughts about susty fashion” but my heart says “please… I want this and no DIY can compare.”

Shop the Aries Arise No Problemo Tie Dye Crew Sweat ($335) and No Problemo Tie Dye Sweatpants ($403), many retailers are low in stock so have a look at Shop LCD too.


This tracksuit-set comes from good folks at KkCo, and are hand-dyed by the designer herself. Lovingly made in Los Angeles, this colourway is a little moodier (though of course, every piece will be unique). We’re particularly into the small piercing details in the chest and thigh, it says “I am a pacifist, but don’t test me.”

Shop the KkCo Pierced Sweat Shirt in Tie-Dye ($293) and Pierced Sweatpant in Tie-Dye ($293).

Polo Ralph Lauren

Let’s say you wanna look hot like a sunrise while feeling cosy like a sunset. Look no further than this colour-block tie-dye tracksuit set from Polo Ralph Lauren.

Shop the Polo Ralph Lauren colour block ombre hoodie ($140) and colour block ombre jogger ($217).


As well as our artisanal and heritage options, sportswear and athleisure brands are hopping in too. This option from Reebok is taking us back to sea ions and beach days. Sadly only health ministers breaking social distancing are frequenting beaches now.

Shop the Reebok classics tie dye hoodie in blue and white ($67.50 – currently on sale) and classic tie dye joggers ($90). There’s also a cropped hoodie version if you’re into it ($90).

Chinatown Market

This tie-dye hoodie and joggers set was made to be worn with these colourful Nike Air Force 1s. I’m tired of being an adult, I wanna look like a shiny box of crayons.

Shop the Chinatown Market Oversized Tie-Dye Hoodie ($130) and Joggers ($140).

Aries Rising Studio

Okay this set is really testing me. The colours are on point, the reviews are positive and it’s from an independent Etsy seller who offers a free healing crystal with your order. My hand is hovering over add to cart right now. This lil shop is worth checking out for the other tie-dye tracksuit set colours and the option to request a custom order.

Shop the Arise Rising Popsicle Tie Dye Set ($164.10).

Out From Under

One for my soft honeys out there, this drapey tie-dye hoodie and jogger set is perfect for lounging around the house, watching idyllic cottage-core videos and journaling.

Shop the Out From Under Jenny Tie-Dye Cropped Hoodie Sweatshirt ($59) and Tie-Dye Fleece Jogger Pant ($49).

Urban Renewal

Okay now back to brights. This purple and lime colour combination is sending me. Plus, this tie-dye tracksuit set from Urban Renewal is actually an upcycled piece, the team recycle and give sweatshirts and joggers than hand-dyed treatment. (Picture my brain, that anime butterfly meme: Is buying this garment… helping the planet?)

Shop the Urban Renewal Recycled Diagonal Tie-Dye Crew Neck Sweatshirt ($59) and Recycled Diagonal Tie-Dye Sweatpant ($59).

Cotton Citizen

This tie-dye tracksuit set from the brand Cotton Citizen is kind of giving me acid-wash goblin-core vibes. Tie-dye for the people who are feeling a little moody about it all right now.

Shop the Cotton Citizen Brooklyn Oversized Hoodie in Desert Vortex ($245) and Milan Sweats ($195).


Rounding out this list is the hand-dyed made in NYC option from our tie-dye dream label Upstate, please go look at their stunning IG (@upstate___) featuring that cup. Created by prop stylist and set designer Kalen Kaminski, the label includes pillowcases, glassware and reworked tie-dye Dickies and there’s not a single thing that isn’t aesthetically soothing on the site.

Shop the Upstate Lola Crew Neck ($120) and Sweatpant ($90).

Tie-Dye Hoodie Honourable Mentions

Okay, so while compiling this list we came across a BUNCH of solo tie-dye hoodie options that we loved, but sadly have no pants life-partner. If you’re not set on the full top-to-bottom tie-dye styles, these are our picks for tie-dye hoodies.


The colour scheme of this hoodie by South Korean label Wooyoungmi is *chef kiss*.

Shop the Wooyoungmi Tie Dye Back Logo Hoody ($785). Look I know that’s absurd. Probs don’t buy this one unless you have an incredible side hustle.

House Of Holland

An option that would surely be approved by Tiger King‘s Carole Baskin herself.

Shop the House of Holland Animal Tie Dye Sweatshirt ($245.50).


Soft purples and sunflowers. What more do you need in this life of sin.

Shop the Entente tie dye sweat with logo in Purple ($100).


WHen you wanna wear some pastel but you don’t want to choose which colour.

Shop the Vans Aura Tie Dye crop hoodie in aura multi ($110).

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