Tyler The Creator’s Golf Wang Label Is Partnering With Levi’s

So, uhhh, in case you couldn’t tell, I’m a big fan of Tyler the Creator’s fashion brand Golf Wang. It’s perfect for recreating fire casual and baggy fits made up of five panel hats, chunky caramel sneakers, baggy striped tees and pants, and home to these iconic pair of loose fitted kissing men printed chino pants that I totally don’t own (no sireee).

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And now, after partnering with Converse, Lacoste and Suicoke, Golf Wang is collaborating with Levi’s with a pair of 501 matching polka dot denim jeans and jacket combo. And, ngl it looks kinda sick (if not potentially expensive af).

Golf Wang x Levi’s

Late Monday night, Golf Wang shared an Instagram post with a pair of matching polka dot printed white denim Levi’s jeans and jacket combo. 

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GOLF WANG x LEVIS: MAY 20th ( wednesday)

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The polka dot colours are all distinctly Golf Wang—caramel brown, baby blue, dark navy blue, mustard yellow and pear green—coupled with the Golf logo embroidered on the back right pocket with a ’60s patterned sunflower and golden yellow love heart. They’re also baggy af, which is probably the biggest sell of Golf Wang’s style. Super funky, stylish and proud, just like my Flower Boy and Igor singing boyfriend.

FYI, according to GQ, this collab has been in the works for eons. In 2015, Tyler tweeted at Levi’s and said, “I have ideas.” Then, for his 2016 Golf Wang runway show, he featured ’93-fit 501 and vintage-fit trucker in ecru denim, emblazoned with rainbow-hued polka dots. And now, with Pride just around the corner, and four to five years later, we can all own these colourful bougie and baggy denim fits, listen to “Earfquake” and scream gay rights.

The Golf Wang and Levi’s collab drops on Wednesday 20th of May at 9am on the Levi’s store.

How does it look on?

Syrup fave and brand owner Tyler the Creator teased what it looks like in person in a few photos he shared on his Instagram Stories.

Imo, throw on a nice mustard yellow undershirt, black and white chunky Converse sneakers and matching mustard yellow socks, and that’s a look (even if you only have one of the two items). Personally, I’m eyeing the pants over the jacket simply because I’m not that big of a fan of denim jackets and am in awe of camp printed pants.

How much do the Golf Wang x Levi’s denim jacket and pants cost?

According to a local representative for Levi’s, the Levi’s x GOLF Vintage Fit Trucker cost $269.95, while the Levi’s x GOLF 501 ’93 Jean cost $219.95. When the news first broke, fans were preparing for a hefty price for the slaptastic goods.

Either way, I can already hear my wallet blasting some sad tunes and crying.

And while we’re on the subject of my favourite preppy-dressed rap king, here’s a video he released earlier today of his song “Boyfriend,” which, up until today was exclusive to the physical edition of his Igor album.  

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