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Go Wide: The Broad Appeal Of Wide Leg Jeans (& The Ones We’re Eyeing RN)

Put a finger down if you’ve worn more leggings and activewear this year than any before. Put a finger down if you’ve worn trackies, pjs, and loungewear even more than you expected over the past winter. Put a finger down if you’re slowly venturing back out into the world and are somewhat shocked and confused by the feeling of clothes that aren’t elasticised at least somewhere. Pals, when nothing else got you, wide leg jeans got you.

Jeans are a perennial wardrobe staple—nobody needs verification of that. That said, with skinny jeans receding ever further into the recesses of our memory—and the emo revival on TikTok, we guess—wide leg jeans are the blessed and roomy answer dressing your bottom half. While we’re not throwing our straight-leg denim options onto Depop just yet, the ’90s and Y2K inspired styles popping off right now just feel right.

Is the current wide leg jeans trend just indigo-tinted nostalgia for a time that was probably just as absurd as now? As per the boom of Victorian-era isolation hobbies. Would it be a reach to say wide leg jeans are at once kinda comforting and emboldening? Sometimes wearing wide leg jeans feels like being encased in a self-protective lower body sheath (you might never find out what my calves look like). Other times, it feels like a commitment to the baggiest form of jean, freedom of movement and a nod to the rebellious streetwear and skate and hip-hop cultures it hails from.

As with your narrower pairs of jeans, styling wide leg jeans can be as chill or as involved as you fancy. Throw on an over-sized tee, your fav sneakers and one (1) accessory for the easiest look that’s actually kind of a look, or juxtapose some unexpected pieces. Take a masterclass from Brisbane’s Rohan Sutcliffe: the sage green boots and argyle sweater with pastel details? Talented, brilliant, incredible.

While we’d say raiding your wardrobe (or your fam’s) and second-hand shops might be quite a good shout for sourcing wide leg jeans of your own, we have, of course, got some options r2g. As per, we’ve also included some of our favourite sustainable denim brands.

10 Wide Leg Jeans To Slouch In RN

The Raggest Priest

Combat Jean in Charcoal, approx. $105 AUD, from The Ragged Priest.

Outland Denim

Amy Jean, $239.90 from Outland Denim.


Stay Loose Jeans, $149.95 from Levi’s.

Nudie Jeans

Clean Eileen Gentle Blues Jean, $239 from Nudie Jeans.

Nobody Denim

Skylar Long Jeans in Always, $249 (currently on sale for $149.40) from THE ICONIC.

Taka Original

20SS Painted Straight-Leg Jeans, $80 from Taka Original.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Wide-leg flared jeans, $1,029 (currently on sale for $514), from MyTheresa.


SLVRLAKE Grace high-rise wide-leg jeans, $415 (currently on sale for $286), from MyTheresa.


Wide Leg Jean, $59.99 from Glassons.


The Lazy Boy Pant in Ash Black, $149.95 from Rolla’s.

Lead image via Instagram @inrmnn / @taka_original.

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