What To Wear On A First Date So You Don’t Look Like A Scrub

Dating is one huge minefield. Where do you go? What kinda conversation topics should you steer away from? Have you remembered to brush your teeth? Do you have protection? Do you smell good? These are all important questions and preparation is the name of the game.

The thing we all agonise over the most tho is what to wear. You need to look crisp and dress to impress, but you don’t wanna come off as trying too hard… or maybe not trying hard enough?? This shit’s a nightmare?????

Have no fear: Syrup is here to set you up for sartorial success. (But seriously, don’t forget to brush your teeth. Dental hygiene is an everyday ting, not just a date ting.) 

Follow these simple steps and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is revealing how much of a dork you are to your date (jk) (not really).

Wear clean clothes

This is an obvious one but don’t rock up with nasty footwear or in a stained t-shirt. Even if you think ‘Oh, they won’t notice,’ here’s a tip! They will. Yes, AF1s and Docs look good a bit trashed, we get it. But you wanna demonstrate to your date that you’ve got your shit together (even if you don’t (because who does?))

I’m not saying you have to polish your shoes like you’re in the army (you do you though, Private) or get mad hectic with the Napisan. Just make sure your creps don’t stink or look dirty and your stain-free. It’s a real turn-off.

(Need a guide to cleaning your sneaks? Check ours out here: [LINK])

Location is everything

You’ve gotta dress to suit the place your going to. If you’re going out for dinner or drinks, dress a little fancier. If you’re doing an activity, dress more comfortably.

I once went ice skating with a date and I chose to wear my most expensive watch because I thought I’d look fly. This was a terrible idea because 1) my date didn’t give a shit about watches and 2) I fell over skating and broke my watch. Shoulda just worn my G-SHOCK.

Lighting is another key consideration. Choose colours that match the venue, whether that be a beach or a bar. Do some research: look online and see what the place looks like, and tailor your fit to match.

Comfort is key!

No matter if you’re dressing up or down, or what kind of date you’re going on, wear something that you can actually talk, move and breath in. If you feel physically comfortable, you’ll feel mentally comfortable.

And if you feel good about what you’re wearing, that’ll shine through and make you look good too. Confidence is the sexiest thing.

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Go for the “subtle flex”

From one hypebeast to another, the only people who care about flexing are other hypebeasts. If you’ve asked out a hypebae, nbd, but most of the population aren’t gonna give a shit about your Gucci belt.

A happy medium between showing off who you are and not alienating those who dgaf about fashion is to tone down the branding and go for a minimalist, subtle flex. Not only is this more on trend anyway, but it’s a win-win: if they know, they’ll know, and think you’re cool af. If they don’t know or care about hype, they’ll just think you dress well and you’ll still come off on top.

Read our guide to pulling off the “subtle flex” here.

Be authentic

This is both a piece of style and emotional advice (multitasking? Stan). While you should definitely make an effort and carefully consider what you should wear, don’t wear something that’s just not you. If you dress really butch usually, don’t wear a super femme dress. If you don’t wear earrings normally, don’t wear an earring! You should never sacrifice what is essential to who you are as a person in order to impress some random who might not even be a good kisser (or a Trump supporter or something).

Same goes for how you present yourself aside from your outfit. Be upfront about your expectations and what you’re into. Most people value transparency and if they don’t, then don’t waste your time with them, bb.

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