28 Of The Best Sex Toys For Male-Presenting Cuties

Whether you identify as CIS-gendered or merely male-presenting, there’s a lot of sex toys on offer for male-presenting people. Pleasure products for guys have come a long way, and now it’s easy to stock your bedside drawer with a range of masturbation sleeves, cock rings, butt plugs, and more.

Sex toys shouldn’t be intimidating, they should be fun—hence the word “toy.” Explore your sexuality and broaden your horizons. In the year of our Lord 2020, we all deserve a little fun, right?

Some of the products on this list are our personal favourites. Others come recommended by Taylor Sparks, erotic educator and sex goddess of OrganicLoven.com, a company that improves adults’ sexual health and wellness through organic and eco-friendly products, sex-positive books, and educational seminars.

Here are the 28 best sex toys for men of all kinds.

10 Speed Dual Motor Automatic Male Masturbator

Ever get tired of using your hand? Well, this bad boy does all the work for you. It has 10 automatic masturbation speeds that use 3D ripples to mimic fingers  All you have to do is place it on the penis and activate it.

$71, buy it here.

Satisfyer Men Masturbator Heat Plus Vibration

This toy is seriously revolutionary. This toy is designed to perfectly mimic internal body temperature for the most real sensation you can imagine. The heat function is customisable, getting up to 104 degrees.

$74.99, buy it here.

Wavy Textured Male Masturbator

These disposable masturbation sleeves come inside of an egg-shaped container, and each has a unique texture. You can buy the eggs in a single dose or a pack of six (like a carton of eggs). They’re functional, cute, and an excellent way to connect with your body and your pleasure. Why race to orgasm when you can actually take time to enjoy yourself?

Pulse Solo Lux

This versatile male masturbator is one of Sparks’ recommendations. “The Pulse technology was originally designed for men with spinal cord injuries who were undergoing IVF treatments to get their wives pregnant,” Sparks says. “These products are also extremely effective for older men, those with erection difficulties (i.e. Parkinson’s), and those with mobility issues, as they can be used with a flaccid penis AND are hands-free!”


Another one of Sparks’ top picks, the Pulse III DUO is similar to the Pulse Solo Lux, but designed with couples’ play in mind. It comes with a remote control, so you can sit back and let your partner adjust the vibrations.

$199.95, buy it here.

Full Stroke

The Autoblow AI recently hit the market. It’s the third generation of the famous blowjob machine. This bad boy vibrates and simulates oral through internal beads that “stroke” your penis. It even has an AI setting, which uses machine learning, so you never receive the same blowjob twice. 

$199, buy it here.

Optimum Power Masturball

The Masturball is an automated sex toys that actually squeezes your penis while vibrating. The only other sleeve-like masturbator that does anything remotely similar is the Autoblow. The rest of the sleeves out there may vibrate, but don’t actually add pressure to your member.

$116.99, buy it here.

Flight Pilot Male Masturbator

To be honest, masturbation sleeves can be, well, seedy. Not the pilot! Made from SuperSkin, it is sleek and, arguably more important, quiet. The Pilot offers a number of textures, from bumps to ridges.

$79.95, buy it here.

Fun Factory Manta

12 speeds and patterns send vibrations along your shaft for intense sensations. Need we say more?

$179.95, buy it here.

Mystery Vibe

Tenuto’s wearable vibrating toy specifically designed for male bodies. It is an awesome addition for solo or partner play. When placed around the penis and balls, Tenuto increases blood flow and stimulates the entire genital region.

$277, buy it here.


“People tend to forget about the pleasure of non-vibrating toys and how the stainless steel toys can be used in temperature play,” Sparks says. You can use this want to stimulate your P-spot and work toward a prostate orgasm.

$219.99, buy it here.

LE WAND Swerve

Here’s another stainless steel toy recommendation from Sparks. For people with a vulva, heavier toys like the Bow and Swerve from Le Wand are great for stimulating the G-spot and working toward a blended orgasm. 

NOBESSENCE Seduction 2.0

Is it a sex toy or a work of art? This pick from Sparks is definitely a little bit of both. 

$229.79, buy it here.

Dame Products Eva II

If your partner has a clitoris, Eva II is a must-have. This toy sits over the clitoris, with its flexible wings hooking under the labia to keep it in place. All of a sudden, intercourse becomes a super orgasmic experience for both of you. Plus, Eva is so small it doesn’t even look like a sex toy.

$169.99, buy it here.


HUGO from LELO is a luxury prostate massager that takes P-spot play to the next level. Does it look a little intimidating? Maybe, but it delivers the results. It’s made from premium silicone and even comes with a remote control so you can change the vibration settings with ease.

$279.95, buy it here.

Aneros Trident Helix Prostate Massager

This prostate massager from Aneros isn’t scary at all! Its shape is perfectly designed for easy insertion, with handle bars to stimulate the perineum, too! This toy is great for an added boost to masturbation or you can just leave it in during partner play.

$89.95, buy it here.

Pleasure Chest Black Pearl

This vibrating prostate massager is basically a bullseye for the P-spot. Its pinpointed head will knock your socks off. Made from body-safe silicone, this sex toy is a whole five inches of hands-free delight. Pop it in for enhanced partner play, solo-time, or oral sex.

$104.95, buy it here.

Lelo Bruno

The LELO BRUNO is truly wonderful. There is seemingly no end to the settings and vibration modes that give men a one-of-a-kind P-spot experience. The way it both curves and vibrates externally adds extra pressure to help to experience stronger orgasms. When inserted, the size and curvature touch the prostate perfectly.

$229, buy it here.

10 Function Prostate Stimulator

For a toy that gets the job done, but won’t break the bank, you’ll love the Dev. It comes with a remote so once you’ve inserted your toy, you can control the speeds. The toy comes with 10 varying speeds, increasing as you push up.

$69.95, buy it here.

B-VIBE Novice Plug

The Novice Plug is the perfect anal sex toy for beginners (and they have plenty for more advanced butt-lovers). With a powerful motor located in the tip, this tiny toy has big pleasure potential. Made from certified body-safe, this butt plug has six vibration levels and 15 vibration patterns for endless possible combinations.

$179.99, buy it here.

DOC JOHNSON Anal Trainer Kit

Doc Johnson’s anal trainer kits are great because you get a long of bang (pun intended) for your buck. They come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. This way you can work with smaller sizes and move up to larger plugs as you get more comfortable.

$26.95, buy it here.

12 Function Rechargeable Bendable Vibrating Anal Beads

This toy has all the goodness of vibration with all the delightful pleasure of anal beads. With 12 vibrating functions, you can gently insert the beads, one-by-one and then remove them individually for intense sensation in the anal opening.

$69.95, buy it here.

Mystim Booty Garland

Why not mix your anal beads with some electricity? These anal beads are made from 100-percent body-safe silicone and can be electrified. The anal opening is so densely packed with nerves that inserting and removing these pulsing beads will blow your mind.

$199.99, buy it here.

Bunny Tail Butt Plugs

This butt plug is perfect for beginners…and is totally adorable. You know you’re brave enough to have a little bunny tail sticking out of your rear. The stainless steel offers excellent pressure for the anal opening.

$44.99, buy it here.


Pivot offers just the right about pressure around the base of the penis, with a raised head so female partners can grind against it for clitoral stimulation. It even comes with an app on your phone so you can control it remotely.

$129.95, buy it here


The TIANI is worn internally during intercourse, so your partner can get plenty of clitoral stimulation. You just pop it in—one side in the vagina, the other over the clitoris—and go. It even comes with a remote control so you can control the vibrations. You’ll be able to feel it rumbling against your penis. It’s kind of amazing.

$209.99, buy it here.

LE WAND Personal Massager

While it may not seem like a couples toy, a big, ol’ wand vibrator can actually be a super fun toy for partners. You can stack two pillows so they can ride the wand, with you behind, use it on the balls or perineum, and anything else you can think of. Le Wand is stylish and luxurious.

$204.99, buy it here.

Liberator Sex Position Wedge

Whether you’re dealing with a height difference or just want and extra lift for more adventurous sex positions, look no further than the Wedge. This pillow can help you achieve new sexual heights (pun intended). It’s firm, but malleable. Try it for lifted missionary position or easy-access oral sex.

$159.95, buy it here.