Tinder Just Crunched Our Astrological Dating Data And It’s A Lot

Can you remember a time before the current astrologically inclined era? When asking for someone’s birth chart or star sign wasn’t practically de riguer when dating? It’s getting harder and harder to remember a time before we used these 12 little astrological buckets to affirm our identity, regardless of whether you actually know the difference between your sextiles and trines.

While true obsessives are probably comparing their Mars and Venus signs when assessing potential romantic astrological compatibility, the team at Tinder have crunched the data to figure out which sign you’re most likely to match with based on your own sign. We’re talking sun signs specifically here btw, which apparently remain as ubiquitous as the good ol’ holding a dog pic in the world of online and app-supported dating. According to the research Australian 18-25-year-olds are 29% more likely to chuck a star sign in their Tinder bio than those over 25.

As well as analysing your right-swiping, Tinder also dug through the signs’ bios for any recurring themes. We’d be very intrigued to see the birth chart receipts for all this data, but at the very least the stars reading people to filth is funny when it’s accurate… and funny when it’s not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Which star sign you’re most likely to match with, based on your own star sign:


Most likely to match with: Libra

The data has revealed that not only are Aries folks more likely to list ‘manager’ as their job, they also tend to use the max amount of photos. Aries said: sometimes more is more, okay? They also tend to go heavy on the interests listed in their bio. Podcasts and hiking, if you were wondering. Arguably two of the few things you can put in both the ‘basic’ and ‘actually very good’ category.


Most likely to match with: Taurus

Healthy self-love going on in the Taurus corner it seems, considering they’re most likely to match with other Taurans. Tauruses are also the fastest to respond to messages, most likely to swipe right and actually the top swiper out of the zodiac. It also isn’t that surprising that these gently indulgent folks are one of the signs most like to include ‘food’ and ‘drinks’ in their bio. The way to the heart is through the stomach, apparently.


Most likely to match with: Aquarius

Let us share two specific gems from the Tinder astrology research. Firstly, Gemini’s top Spotify anthem is ‘Roxanne.’ And secondly, Gemini is least likely to swipe right. Make of this what you will.


Most likely to match with: Aquarius

Sweet crab babies. Apparently y’all are out here putting ‘real’ and ‘genuine’ in your bios but your hard little shell might be hampering your dating life a tiny bit. Cancers on Tinder are among the slowest to respond to messages. Dw, it’s all too much, sometimes we get it.


Most likely to match with: Aries

We’re sure none of this is surprising but: Leo folk, you are most like to swipe right, you’re most likely to put your sign in your bio (like twice as likely) and you’re the most likely to put ‘flex’ in your bios. We’d say keep doing you, but you are clearly already doing that.


Most likely to match with: Scorpio

On the other end of the astrological spectrum, Virgos, along with Pisces, are least likely to put their sign in their bio. When scraping the data on the words ‘spontaneous’, looking to ‘explore’ or ‘high key’, Tinder found Virgo folks were apparently least likely to use those terms. We do wonder if this is because they’re a sign that just goes and does the spontaneous adventure though, without feeling the need to call it out? They seem like relatively private, low-key app-users.


Most likely to match with: Aries

The proof Libras are romantic, charming, flirting addicts is this: they are the sign most likely to have ‘authentic’ in their bio and they have a higher swipe rate. Kiiiiiidding, we know you’re just waiting for ~real love~ to share your beauty with someone long-term.


Most likely to match with: Virgo

It does not surprise us at all that Scorpios have among the highest swipe rate of the zodiac. Also unsurprising they are among the slowest to respond to a message. Loves an extreme.


Most likely to match with: Capricorn

If you matched with a Sag, good luck and gird your loins. These signs are one of the least likely to swipe right, but if you made the cut they move quickly from match to the first message.


Most likely to match with: Sagittarius

Capricorns are really only here because they feel they have to be. Y’all have the lowest number of swipes of any sign. It makes sense given you are quite rightly, above this, and also far too busy building your empire/working on multiple side hustles/playing video games.


Most likely to match with: Sagittarius

Of course, Aquarians are putting the words ‘volunteer’ and ‘climate change’ in the bios. Nothing like the threat of extinction from the climate crisis to get you in the mood. Perhaps indicative of their spacey, existential tendencies, Aquarians also swipe right less often than other star signs.


Most likely to match with: Aquarius

Pisces is one of the slowest star signs to respond to messages, to which I can only say… it is what it is.

Monisha Rudhran (@monishamay) is a writer and chronic Pisces. Formerly at Syrup, she's now a Digital Content Producer at ELLE and marie claire Australia. She’s into trying to be a better person and sparkling water.