AOC Is ‘Among Us’ On Twitch

Celebrities and politicians are doing everything in their power to encourage people to get out there and vote. Michael B. Jordan is showing some titty to encourage people to enrol to vote in the U.S. Presidential election, Lorde promised new music if people voted in the New Zealand federal election, and now—EMERGENCY MEETING—Senator Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez wants to play Among Us to encourage people to ‘get out to vote.’ And, look, every vote (and kill) counts.

Earlier this morning, the silver rank League of Legends player and part-time Animal Crossing village-to-village political salesperson AOC tweeted, “anyone want to play Among Us with me on Twitch to get out the vote? I’ve never played but it looks like a lot of fun.” 

Side note: for those not in the know, Among Us is the next big, trending game. It’s essentially Mafia if it were in space on mobile and PC. Players are grouped into a spaceship together with one or two of them chosen as an imposter among the crew, tasked with murdering the real members without being discovered. It’s good fun, if not anxiety and slight trust issues inducing. Fun fact: it’s officially the highest watched game on Twitch, surpassing the almighty Fortnite.

Anyway, immediately after AOC tweeted, she was met with hundreds of Twitch streamers sliding into her DMs and replies, including a waving emoji from Minneapolis congresswoman Ilhan Omar. 

“Hi! You are very cool, I admire you a lot, are probably far better at any video game than me, and I would love to play Among Us with you any time,” singer, YouTuber and Twitch streamer on the side, mxmtoon wrote.

According to CNET, within an hour of her launching her official Twitch channel, Sen. Ocasio-Cortez was met with over 50,000 subscribers. In fact, she’s yet to even start live-streaming but we already wouldn’t be surprised if she surpassed Senator Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump, who respectively have 158,000 and 143,000 subscribers. 

But, according to a new tweet, she plans to start her first streaming endeavour with the Among Us fun later tonight/early tomorrow, so stay tuned to her new Twitch account for more. Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is no stranger to Twitch, having joined in on Twitch game chats in the past and we are all for our esports-competing-Democrat.

Header image source: Pool (Getty Images)

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