Why Is A Donald Trump Official Threatened By Billie Eilish?

U.S. President Donald Trump and his team have made a lot of, shall we say, “choices,” over the last few weeks leading into the 2020 election. Earlier this week, Trump left his supporters stranded in freezing cold temperatures after a rally in Omaha, which left some hospitalised, according to The Guardian. And now, a Trump official is claiming that multi-Grammy-award-winning 18-year-old Billie Eilish is, among several other celebs, a potential threat to the nation—lol.

According to The Washington Post, a leaked document obtained by House Democrats claims that the Donald Trump office has proposed a $250 million advertising campaign aimed at “defeat[ing] despair and inspir[ing] hope” amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump’s Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Michael Caputo, who spearheaded the campaign, attempted to include celebrities to garner attention, but upon further research found that of 274 proposed celebrities, only ten meet their requirements. Said requirements: people who have never criticised the President, supported former President Barack Obama, gay rights or same-sex marriage. So, y’know, not an awful lot left except maybe the worst of the Chrises, Chris Pratt, and Riverdale’s KJ Apa, who mind you is a not so secret Trump supporter

Anyway, so, obviously, people like Billie Eilish, who back at the Democratic National Convention in August said “Donald Trump is destroying our country and everything we care about,” don’t fit the bill. Side note: it was first believed that the previous comment was about Eilish but TWP has since updated their story about the leaked document, clarifying that it reported that the line was said by Eilish and about Trump, instead of a criticism about Eilish’s alleged impact to American society.

Other celebrities who are ~off the list~ include Hustlers star Jennifer Lopez, director Judd Apatow, singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake. Maybe it’s just me, but these aren’t even the people that have been that vocal about Donald Trump’s aggressively divisive politics and human rights breaching policies and laws?

Weirdly, Miley Cyrus’s father and Lil Nas X collaborator Billy Ray Cyrus is one of the ten celebs who were considered Trump-propriate, which also includes actor Dennis Quaid, Mehmet Oz, known as the TV doctor, Dr. Oz, former basketball player Dwyane Wade (who, FYI, has a trans daughter) and Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias. Bring back Rihanna and Cate Blanchett because this Ocean’s Eleven cast sucks. Of the ten, the TWP report says that three of them “sat for interviews about aspects of the pandemic” but as of the 1st of October had withdrawn their consent for those interviews to be used. 

Billie Eilish has yet to respond to the alleged report, instead recently hosting her own Where Do We Go? Livestream and joining the likes of Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange, HAIM and Princess Nokia in supporting the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Per The Buffalo News, Caputo has been on a 60-day leave of absence from his job since the 16th of September, after allegedly tampering with Centre of Disease Control and Prevention scientific reports to align with Trump’s views of the pandemic, and accusing government scientists of “sedition.”

Hero source: Amy Sussman (Getty Images).

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