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Kellyanne Conway’s Treatment Of Claudia Conway Is Getting Increasing Concerning

[UPDATE 8th October 2020]: This past weekend, Claudia Conway announced that she has COVID-19. Following her usual modus operandi, it was via a social media post, TikTok to be precise. “Hey guys currently dying of covid [sic]!” Conway wrote over her filter-addled face in the video. Conway is the, now infamous, anti-Trump daughter of Kellyanne Conway, who formerly served as Trump’s aide. The update comes after her mother announced her own positive coronavirus result, but not until Claudia got there first.

Since breaking the news of her mother’s COVID-19 diagnosis before she did, the younger Conway has been embroiled in a fevered news cycle. As well as beating her mother to her COVID-19 result announcement, she’s also caused further stirrings with her recent statements about Trump. In the comments section of her TikTok video, she threw out the information that the recently diagnosed Trump is not doing well, despite the official narrative about his health. “He is so ridiculous. apparently [sic] he is doing badly lol and they are doing what they can to stabilize him,” she shared.

We’ve since seen a disturbing number of videos from Claudia featuring Kellyanne in the background aggressively telling her daughter to amend her statements. Claudia alleged that her mother lied about being infected, which Kellyanne has denied. You can hear their exchange in the video below, it’s pretty awful. “You’ve caused so much disruption,” says Kellyanne, before screaming, “You’ve lied about your f–king mother, about COVID!” Is it any wonder why Claudia is currently pursuing emancipation from her family? And this is just what the public actually *sees*.

Since the media furore, a large faction of Twitter—which we all still do agree is a hellsite, right?—has taken to tagging Claudia something of a #resistance Gen Z hero. One Twitter user wrote: “I can’t take it… Claudia Conway is the supreme whistleblower of our time.” People are speculating on her relationship with her mother, her attempts to emancipate herself from her conservative parents, dissecting her behaviour as bratty or brave—it’s a lot. It does seem indicative of the dire state of the world that people are deifying a 15-year-old girl who really just seems like she needs help dealing with an incredibly fraught family situation.

Claudia has since created a bunch of TikTok videos directing people to a letter, ostensibly written by her. In the letter shared via a Google Doc, she rebukes the idea she is a “whistleblower” and says that she was merely “speculating and assuming” as teenagers do. Claudia also addressed the video of her mother yelling at her, calling it a mistake. “A miscommunication between us led me to think that she told me her test was negative instead of positive, without me knowing she had three tests done,” the statement reads.

We can’t know for certain what is happening behind the scenes with Claudia and her family, or what hand they may have had in her letter and rapid change in communication style. Ultimately, raising this ultra-scrutinised 15-year-old to saviour status probably isn’t helping the cause. It smacks of the kind of uncomfortable fawning over Gen Z individuals and activists that older generations seem to lean on to erase their own responsibility to fix the broken systems we’re living in. “We don’t need to do anything, because these *amazing* kids will.”

As Miles Klee wrote in his Mel magazine piece “Don’t Force Claudia Conway To Be Your Hero”, “If you actually listen to [Greta] Thunberg and the Parkland group, you won’t necessarily hear how they plan to enact systemic change. Instead, they are telling the adults to get their act together, and wondering why it has fallen to the youth to voice any call to virtuous action.”

[ORIGINAL 6th July 2020]: Last week, we reported that Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old daughter of Kellyanne Conway, the counsellor to U.S. President Donald Trump, was being absolutely righteous on main and posting anti-Trump and pro-Black Lives Matter TikToks.

Well, we’re sad to now report that Conway just deleted all of her daughter’s content and basically wiped her off the internet. And no, we’re not okay. Bring her back. Pls.

Over the weekend, the Conway teen’s father and critic George Conway, tweeted at journalists, “@kellyannepolls [Kellyanne Conway] and I do *not* consent to any communications between you and any of our minor children, including our daughter Claudia. So desist.”

In response, Claudia clapped back at her father, replying, “you’re just mad that i’m finally getting my voice heard. sorry your marriage failed 💅🏼”

Shortly afterwards, the TikTok famous star who’s spent the last few months calling out Trump, his supporters and her own mother, claimed that her parents had been trying to silence her platform since she spoke with the press last week.

@KellyannePolls @gtconway3d stop shutting my phone off lmao,” she tweeted, according to Complex.

“Bahaha, I’m not angry, I’m chillin[g.] [I’]m just over both of my parents trying to silence me… My parents, particularly my mother, are trying to silence me by getting me to delete my social media. Haha.”

Shortly after, Claudia went on TikTok live as her mum tried to confiscate her mobile phone. The livestream ends as you can hear the sound of Kellyanne taking Claudia’s phone and Claudia shouting, “what are you doing?”

As of writing, all of Claudia’s content has been deleted. Her TikTok, Instagram and Twitter accounts have all been set to private and all of her TikTok videos from the last few months are gone. Truly, RIP to a legend. 

In the same (now deleted) thread, Conway admitted that she “has been bullied and badgered her entire life because of her parents.”

“I’m aware but coming from someone who has been bullied and badgered her entire life because of her parents, I am frustrated,” she said. “My frustration is valid! I couldn’t care less about media exposure—I’ll use whatever platform I’ve given, big or small, for good.”

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