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The Memeing Of Nevada

In the midst of the U.S. election, which is beginning to look more like a fascist coup than the representative process of a free and democratic country, one demographic is still finding joy: Twitter users and meme makers. ‘Memeing’ the election has become a fine art, and with the vote count looking like it will continue to stretch a bit longer, the Nevada vote-counting memes are coming thick and fast.

For those not familiar, the U.S. election is not simply down to which presidential candidate gets the most votes. That would be way too simple. Instead, people from each state are voted into the U.S. Electoral College, who then cast their vote for the president. The states’ number of votes vary, hence why some states’ vote counts are currently being scrutinised by seemingly everyone on Twitter.

Couple this with the fact that counting is just really slow sometimes and people needing to blow off some steam from this whole pandemic/months of civil unrest/continuing climate emergency/etc and you have a recipe for what seems like the most memed election ever. And look, in times like these, if we cannot enjoy a brief moment of levity, what do we have left?

Some have noted the dismissal of the southern states by the media and armchair pundits. It does suck a lot that because of the way the current system is set up, the visibility of Democratic voters and their voices get really eroded in red states. The work on the ground of progressives like Stacy Abrams, who helped register more than 66,000 new voters in Georgia this election, cannot be understated.

That said, everything is on fire and there’s not a lot Australians can do from this point on but hope for the best. A wise person once said, “nothing you can’t do shit about matters.” Here are the Nevada vote-counting memes that made us cackle. (Btw, we’re still waiting.)

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