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To All The Lies In ScoMo’s Leigh Sales Interview (P.S. Here’s The Facts)

On Tuesday evening journalist Leigh Sales thoroughly grilled Prime Minister Scott Morrison during their interview on ABC’s 7.30

We feel like this interview almost needs a trigger warning for how conversely satisfying and infuriating it is to watch. Sales does an incredible job of pulling apart the rat’s nest of deception ScoMo has been rolling about in. 

In round-up of the folding chair of lies the PM sits on, Sales asked about his lack of transparency around the sports rorts, Hawaii and the invitation of Pastor Brian Houston to the Whitehouse. 

“You won’t release the Gaetjens report into the sports rorts. Your office tried to conceal when you were on holidays in Hawaii in December. The government cited national security to avoid answering a question under FOI about whether Pastor Brian Houston was invited to a White House dinner,” she stated, before asking why all the secrecy.

In case you missed it, here are the facts: 

An audit shows deep involvement from the Coalition into where $100 million worth of sports funding was going, something that should be done independently of the govt’s coordination.

ScoMo’s excuse for fucking off to Hawaii during the bushfire crisis was that it was booked in April 2019 (it wasn’t, it was booked five weeks out and there’d been active fires across NSW since June).

For inexplicable reasons, ScoMo tried to slide his Hillsong friend and child-abuse not-mentioner Houston into an exclusive state dinner at the White House, and refused for months to acknowledge it.

The PM’s sterling response to all of this unblinking and unflinching lying and deception of the Australian public?

“Well, those things aren’t that big a deal that you’ve talked about.”

Morrison also evaded a definitive answer as to when we can expect to see any sort of formal fiscal response or plan to address the economic impact of the COVID-19 virus (AKA coronavirus) and the lingering effects of the bushfires over the summer. Extremely chill given the magnitude of the virus and that climate studies suggest that the bushfires are only going to worsen.

Sales asked about the plan or lack thereof for how our govt is going to try to bolster our economy (which *checks notes on hands* is still wildly reliant on a dissolving mining boom, the profits of which are nowhere to be seen, and “agriculture” in a country that is a literal desert). 

Sales also asked, “How is it possible that you don’t have an economic centrepiece beyond a slogan for jobs and growth?” ScoMo responded defensively, citing income tax cuts and (which Sales rightly pointed out has had a muted effect anyway), before summarising the PM has done “nothing on IR, nothing on superannuation, nothing on GST reform, nothing big on company tax reform, no target for emissions reduction beyond 2030.”

The PM also once again doubled down on refusing a carbon tax: “I’m not going to put on a tax to reduce emissions.” This is despite you know, the original carbon tax resulting in a reduction of Australia’s emissions of C02 due to electricity generation falling to a 10 year low nine months after its introduction… it’s rising again btw.

ScoMo, also clearly not a project manager, seems to think it’s fine to construct a plan for reducing emissions while maintaining economic growth without a target?? Sales aptly noted in response, “A target is meaningless because you don’t know where you’re going.”

Jesus, I can’t stress enough, please take the wheel.

Lead image via ABC.

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