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@TikTokForBiden Is A New Mega-TikTok Account That Is What It Says On The Tin

In what might be the most cohesive and organised effort of political campaigning from Gen Z so far, more than 200 TikTokers have come together to form @TikTokForBiden. The new mega-account that is educating and urging young people to vote in the upcoming U.S. election, specifically for the Democratic nominee Joe Biden, as, you know, the handle TikTok For Biden suggests.

With the election nearing ever closer and the recent Presidential and Vice Presidential debates sending still sending anxiety spikes up our spines, the new account has garnered a following very quickly. In four days the account has already amassed over 350k followers, with their introduction video currently sitting at a chill 1.8 million views. There’s also a TikTok For Biden Instagram, a website, a merch collection—quite a slick operation. Though, should we expect any less from the good people who sabotaged the attendance of a Trump rally earlier this year?

“Our goals are: registering young people to vote, raising awareness about the election, and eventually, putting Joe Biden in the White House,” explains the inaugural TikTok For Biden video.

The group continues: “We will be participating in some events in an effort to get people to both register and vote in the election.” The events include phone banking, competitions, and “other ways YOU (our followers) can get involved”.


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On their website, the TikTok For Biden coalition describes their specific beliefs in a bit more detail, “everyone on earth, no matter who they are or what they identify with, deserves equal rights.” They continue, “We believe in bringing awareness to marginalized communities so that we can work on ending the cycle of oppression. We believe that we can, should, and must use our platform to cause change in any [way] we can. We’re on a long road towards equality, but it can only start once we elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

The 200 creators collectively boast a collective 80 million followers, which they point out is more than the number of votes Trump received back in 2016. We’ll be very intrigued to see if this new TikTok For Biden causes a re-uptake in the anti-TikTok sentiments from Trump, who tried to ban the app earlier in the year. In the meantime, you can chuck ’em a follow here.


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