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20 #Aesthetic Zoom Backgrounds For Your Nerves

Remember when being online was a fun activity and not a permanent state of fugue-watching aesthetically soothing cooking videos? Yeah me neither. Changing my Zoom background daily is pretty much all I’ve got left at this point.

Thankfully(?), the rest of the world is in the same boat and every other brand is throwing their hat in the ring to join our socially distanced online hangs. The latest one we’re actually into? The beautiful folks at Studio Ghibli released a bunch of video chat wallpapers of soothing scenes from some of our fave Ghibli films. Unlike the new—very sweet— Studio Ghibli streetwear collection, you can download them for free.

There are quiet moments from Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Tale Of Princess Kaguya and a bunch more. We’re particularly into the cutie fishies from Ponyo. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there are any from the studio’s wackiest and horniest film, Pom Poko. You can find all eight of the Studio Ghibli backdrops here—they also make really cute wallpapers… I have saved all of them >:)

It got us thinking though: since we’re in this for the long haul, why not try and make our online humanity portals as cute and inviting as our offline surroundings? Changing your Zoom background is a pretty simple process, and you can also use videos as well as still images, like so:

We’ve rounded up some of the best aesthetically pleasing Zoom backgrounds for spicing up everything from a virtual date to your morning work stand-up. And if you’re looking for even more ways to spice up the video group chats, these are the best games to play on Zoom with friends, tho they also work on FaceTime and Houseparty.

Please note, you probably don’t wanna be using any of these for your online therapy sessions or psych Zoom appointments. Could be a little distracting, you know? We do however have a guide to handling your first Zoom therapy session ready for when you’re ready.

Without further pontificating, here are the best strange and beautiful Zoom backgrounds.

Zoom Backgrounds For A24 Tragics

Wes Anderson really knows how to frame things… almost like he’s built an entire career around it. Enjoy the below selection, and make sure to click through the Imgur ones because they move!!! So soothing.

Render via Philip Morton.
Image via Wallpaperplay.
Image via Wallpaperplay.

If you’re more of sci-fi fan, or you’re just really feelin’ lost in space levels of iso right now, can I suggest a classic from old mate 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Image via Reddit.

Or perhaps something to reflect a slow descent into madness? I enjoy this Zoom background from The Shining because if you’re in the middle of the frame, this is a very subtle “if you know, you know,” option.

Image via Wallpapercave.

The Zoom Background For The People Who Took Up Painting

The iconic (and I don’t use this word lightly, so many things are not iconic) Edward Hopper painting “Nighthawk” is a whole mood. As a Zoom background it perfectly sums up the lonely “close, but not close enough” feeling rn.

Image via Wikipedia.

The Zoom Background For Fashion People

The Jacquemus option below is simple, includes flowers, and says “I haven’t completely abandoned my sense of style while suffering in iso.”

Image via Feel Desain.

The Zoom Backgrounds For Watching Anime W Your Pals

As well as the Ghibli options, here are some aesthetic fantasy Anime Zoom backgrounds options. You find more where that came from right here.

Zoom Backgrounds If You Like A Soft Pink Aesthetic

As Tumblr user Clakiee has noted, K12, the film that accompanies Melanie Martinez’s studio album of the same name is #aestheticasfuck. The school bus one would be particularly good for ur distanced Zoom classes.

Then there’s the general soft pink baby-cloud styles Zoom backgrounds:

Image via Wallpapercave.
Image via Wallpaperaccess.

Zoom Backgrounds If You’re Still Into Vaporwave Aesthetics

Look, we’d all rather be vibing out, driving down Sunset Boulevard in LA in a white Cadillac with the vaporwave version of Toto’s “Africa” playing on the stereo. But WE CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT WE WANT.

Image via Reddit.
Image via Twitter.
Image via Twitter.
Image via Twitter.

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