Bedroom inspiration and upgrades for teen girls.

10 Bedroom Upgrades Inspired By The Most Stylish Instagrammers

We don’t know about you, but these four walls around us are feeling closer than ever. While some Australian states are slowly relaxing coronavirus social distancing restrictions, it doesn’t exactly feel like spring picnic and party season anymore 🙁

Since we’re spending more time at home, we’ve had a lot of time to consider the impact of ~environment~ on our mood. Coincidentally, during some of the excessive screen time of the past few months of iso we’ve also noticed a couple of great tips from the coolest honeys on Instagram for levelling up your surroundings. If the cooler weather has got you in a redecorating and “I wanna make things hygge as fuck” mood, we’ve rounded up some bedroom inspiration and ten simple upgrades for making your space a little more vibey.


Jess Tran’s (@jessglistening) wardrobe is thrifted and vintage dreams and so is her loft home in New York, which she furnished nearly entirely with second-hand furniture and some truly enviable Craigslist and Facebook market places finds. While we might not all have the loft space and second-hand spotting luck she has, it’s pretty simple to emulate her green thumb. Adding from plant life into your home is one of the fastest ways to freshen things up and we’ve curated a whole list of inexpensive plants that are super easy to look after for ya here.


Flex Mami (@flex.mami) is the Queen of Colour, and that extends into her incredible, eclectic home decor. One piece of inspo we take again and again from her posts is to think outside of the box when it comes to colour and lighting, and in best cases, combine the two. She’s a big fan of Nanoleaf and we’ve spotted their customisable lights on a bunch of her walls and it looks like she changes up the colour scheme pretty frequently: inspo here, here and here.

If you have the cash, we think the Hexagon shapes would work really well in a bedroom, plus you can even sync the colours to match what you’re watching on Netflix using their Screen Mirror function. Maybe don’t try that with Game Of Thrones though… lots of night scenes. For another vibey lighting option, see what colour changing bulbs will suit a lamp or ceiling light in your room. The only thing to do after that is read up on colour theory and its effects on mood.

Shop the Nanoleaf Canvas and Nanoleaf Hexagons from $349.

Prints & Print

If there’s a lesson to be learnt from Katherine Plumb (@kjplumb), aka one of the coolest textile designers and artists of the moment, it’s not to be afraid of some bold prints. The Stockholm-via-London designer creates off-beat prints that feature odd-coloured squares, wavy checkerboards, and minimal nature-inspired graphics. It’s as easy as chucking on a few new pillowcase covers, we like the wavy Agnes cushion cover below, but you could also go the DIY route and bust out your paints to make a KJP inspired print for your wall.

Shop the Agnes cushion cover, approximately $87 AUD at Studio KJP.

Change Your Sheets

This bedroom inspiration tip comes from Melbourne-based fashion honey Maxine Wylde (@__mmaxinewylde), and that is changing your sheets. Unexpected colours aren’t off-limits either, Wylde is known for her tonal lavender and lime outfits and they definitely inspired her on a trip to the Ikea bed linen section. If there’s a colour you gravitate to in your outfits or a colour scheme that you’re saving a lot in your Instagram fashion folder, why not use it as bedroom inspiration? Add a blanket in a complementary colour for extra vibes.

Shop the ÄNGSLILJA lilac sheet set from $24.99 at Ikea.

Plush Out

Even just taking notes of Connie’s (@connieandluna) dreamy peach-toned Instagram can show you how a unified colour scheme can make a bedroom feel a lil more cosy—exactly what you want as we creep into cold weather. She’s also inspiring us in a slightly different way though: peep the excellent use of a Totoro plushie on her couch. Stuffed animals no longer need to be relegated to the very back of the top shelf of your wardrobe. Pick a select—ideally aesthetically pleasing—few and make a space for them on your bed or in an armchair. They do double duty as an invitation to chill, a pillow and something to hold during the lonely hours of social distancing and isolation.

Feel-Good Flowers

As Syrup‘s editor in chief Mahalia Chang (@mahaliachang) discovered after treating herself to a bunch of flowers during this iso, money, in fact, can buy happiness. One bedroom inspiration trick we’re taking out of photographer Sisilia Piring’s (@sisiliapiring) book though, is that if you are gonna get flowers, make ’em do the most. Really get your mileage outta those florals. One bunch can be split across a few different vases: having a play with just a few stems in a small vase near a bigger bunch can create a nice visual contrast.

Group Your Candles

Whom among us hasn’t made an entirely unnecessary candle purchase at some point in our life? Whomst? Whether they were thoughtful gifts or you’re still recovering from a raging soy-wax addiction, candles both lit and unlit can definitely be an easy way to add some ambience to a room. Plus, if you have harsh overhead lights and haven’t gotten around to fixing your lamp yet, they’re pretty much a justifiable lighting essential.

A bedroom inspiration tip we picked up from skincare blogger Kristian (@twentysomeskin), was to give your candle collection the pedestal it deserves. Grouping them together with a couple of other select pieces—we do enjoy the contrast of the lava lamp and the Buddha statue—makes it look more artful collection than a sale table in a homewares store.

bedroom inspiration candles

Shop the Boy Smells candles from $51 at Mecca.


Sadly, huffing essential oils will not replace actual therapy in your self care and mental health management routine. But, they will make a room feel way more soothing/relaxing/energising/whatever you need it to feel like with just a few drops of your favourite blend. We were inspired to dig our diffuser out after seeing the Irish content creator Tara (@tarmarz) using hers to set the mood while journaling. (Though really, her whole feed is bedroom inspiration.) If you don’t have a diffuser on hand, a sprinkle of a few drops of essential oil on a throw rug or your pillows can have the same effect. Lavender is a classic if you’re having trouble sleeping right now, good luck n good smells.

bedroom inspiration diffuser

Shop the Aroma Diffuser from $69.95 at Muji.

Statement Mirrors

If you haven’t seen a Fragola Mirror selfie or even a selfie taken with a Fragola Mirror Instagram filter (meta as fuck) while scrolling through your feed yet I can only congratulate you for what are clearly very healthy social media habits. The statement mirror is a big 2020 trend and seeing as we, uh, aren’t going outside and enlisting our friends to take outfit pics just yet, it looks like it’s here to stay. The Amsterdam-based Instagrammer Bruna (@brunabear) opted for a pale yellow curvy mirror from Gustaf Westman, but you could also paint a wavy edge on a mirror you currently own or opt for wave segments that are easier to move with.

bedroom inspiration wavy mirror

Shop the KRABB mirrors from $15 for a set of four at Ikea.

White It All Out

Perhaps the easiest bedroom inspiration on this whole list comes from Emily Cocklin (@emilycocklin). The cool gal n founder of jewellery brand Elaina Grace gave us the easiest hack ever if you want a bit more of a minimal look: white everything out. Cocklin used what looks like a simple white bedsheet over a previously darker bedhead but you could apply this idea to p much anything.

Change out your sheets to crispy fresh white ones, swap your cushion covers and add a white bedside table covering. If you can refresh your walls and floor in white, go for that too, and if you’re not exhausted, all furniture can be DI-whited, if you believe.

Monisha is a writer with a background in publishing and digital media. A chronic Pisces, she’s into trying to be a better person and sparkling water.

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