Cottagecore Gifts For A Picnic Bitch

If there’s one subculture that thrived in 2020, it’s cottagecore. The cute homage to the Victorian days of frolicking in the woods, a picnic basket of assorted freshly picked berries, crunchy yet fluffy sourdough and soft daisies in tow, pottering, embroidering and reminiscing on letters of old, blew up during COVID-19 lockdown. Unsurprising, really, as we spent less time with others and more with ourselves and the great outdoors this year. Then, it inspired other subculture cores, including goblincore and cluttercore. But, this love for sleeper dresses and good linen isn’t just a 2020 TikTok phase, people are getting reallyy into it—begging the question, have we reached peak Picnic Bitch? And, if your friend, family member or significant other is one of them, then we have the perfect gift guide for you.

From DIY candle and pottery starter kits to books on creating your perfect little garden, these are the best gifts to give the cottagecore pal in your life.

Linen & Straw Goods

Soft Cotton Linen Apron Dress, Vintage Apron Dress by DLAwesomeLiving, $49.49 on Etsy.

White Brigitte Belted Ruffled Linen Mini Dress by SLEEPER, $168.08 on Net-A-Porter.

Selene Straw Hat by Ace Of Something, $59.95 on SurfStitch.

House Helper Treeless Linen Towels, $8 on Linoto.

French Baker Basket, $54.95 by FrenchKnot.

Suta Tote Natural, $129 on Dharma Door.

Cottagecore Homeware Gift Ideas

Living Space Tuscan Sun Bottle Vase, $14 on Spotlight.

Granite Mortar and Pestle 14cm by Cole & Maison, $79.95 on David Jones.

Books For A Cottagecore Fan

The Little Veggie Patch Co: An A-Z Guide To Growing Food in Small Spaces by Fabian Campomolla and Matt Pember, $26.99 on Kinokuniya

The Little Book Of Cottagecore: Traditional Skills For A Simpler Life by Emily Kent, $29.99 on QBD Books.

Little Book of House Plants and Other Greenery by Emma Sibley and Adam Laycock, $16.99 on Kinokinuya

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, $14.99 on QBD Books.

Cottagecore crafting kit gifts

Original Crockd Kit by Crockd, $80 on Crockd

Ferns Botanical Embroidery Kit by jennyblairkits, $38.03 on Etsy

2kg Sourdough Bread Kit, $39 on Ballarat Home Brew

DIY Candle Making Kit by harakekecandles, $24 on Etsy.

Header source: Benjamin Davies (Unsplash)

Julian Rizzo-Smith is a writer and producer. He also claims to be a vine historian, avid connoisseur of low-fi beats, indie hip hop and Kermit memes. In a perfect world, he’d be married to Tyler the Creator, own an Arcanine and a Lapras, and don his own Sailor Scouts uniform. He tweets @GayWeebDisaster, which is also, coincidentally, how one might describe him.