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Flex Mami’s Christmas Gift Guide: Candles, Crocs, Cards & More

You know what type of people make excellent gift-givers? Thoughtful people. Combine that deep thinking with zeitgeist-savvy and consistently fun taste and you’ve got Flex Mami, aka Lil Ahenkan. The multi-hyphenate presenter, podcaster, boss-of-all-trades has chatted with Syrup before, and today she’s back with a timely gift guide.

If you’re shopping (mindfully) this year and are coming up blank on ideas, Flex has you covered. Below, Flex Mami’s short n sweet selection of gift ideas for your loved ones. Though, we reckon she’d be a big fan of the ol’ self-gifting situation too.

Flex Mami’s Gift Guide, As Told By Flex Herself

My favourite gift-giving exercising is bestowing people with 1) things they have expressed wanting but would never buy and 2) things they’ve never expressed wanting but I know for a fact they’ll be happy to own.

Here’s a list of things I’ve legitimately bought my loved ones for Christmas.

Bro To Skincare

Bro-To The Lot, $117 from Go-To Skincare.

When you want your partner to start taking his skincare seriously, but you don’t want to share yours. And he’s smart enough to know when he’s getting your shitty skincare hand-me-downs. It comes with a whole carry case, so there’s no excuse not to bring it with them during sleepovers.


Reflex #1: A Conversation Card Game, $39.99 from Flex Factory.

Is gifting people product from your own brand literally the smartest idea ever? Yes. What’s the politically correct way to say “kills two birds with one stone”?. Because that’s what I’m doing, sans animal cruelty.


Yellow Twist Candle, $89.00 from Jolie Laide.

At one point I thought gifting candles was incredibly naff and lazy. Now we’re inundated with so many cute candles that it would be literally rude not to gift someone with them. Jolie Laide has the wildest selection.


Classic Clog, $59.99 from Crocs Australia.

Hands down my favourite purchase of 2020, and I’ve been trying to convert people ever since. Comfy, cute, timeless—what’s not to love. Editor’s note: she’s right about Crocs and she should say it!

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