How To Turn Your iOS 14 Home Screen Into A Virtual Moodboard

Over the last few days, you’ve probably seen people on Twitter and TikTok boasting about their custom iOS 14 home screen. Maybe you want an IRL Nookphone and replace all of the traditional iPhone app symbols with customised Animal Crossing icons? Or perhaps you want to have a cheeky throwback to the OG days of Apple anytime you turn on your phone and change all of the app icons to the original logos? Either way, thanks to Apple’s new update, the power is in your hands (and imagination). 

But, how exactly do you customise your iOS 14 home screen and create new images for your apps? Keep scrolling to find out.

What is the new iOS 14 update?

According to Apple, the new iOS 14 update adds a lot of new changes, including a 90 per cent faster camera, the ability to view a FaceTime call outside of the app and even make folders for your voice memos and pin messages. But, perhaps the biggest and coolest new feature is the ability to place any widgets on the home screen and completely customise it—like, all of it.

How do I customise my iPhone home screen?

To customise your home screen like these cuties above, you’ll have to update your phone to the latest software—iOS 14. From there, hold down the home button and press the plus symbol at the top left of the screen. Then, a “widget” pop up should appear from the bottom of the screen, where you can search for various different widgets and extensions of in-built apps and drag, drop and move them and other apps around.

How do I create my own widgets for my iOS home screen?

Then, to create unique icons for your apps, you’ll have to download a separate app called Widgetsmith. Widgetsmith gives you extra varied options to customise your apps, but also lets you upload images and create new widgets.

What should I customise my iOS 14 home screen with?

Our bet? Treat it like your personal virtual moodboard! We recommend finding images off Pinterest but if you’re struggling on a layout, here are some suggestions.

Make sure to do a background check

Make sure that all of your images work well against your background. As the old fashion rule goes, pattern on pattern is hard to do. Patterns on top means no complex patterns underneath. 

Make it be your source of inspo

Is there a quote from a book, TV show or film or a life motto that lives rent free in your worm brain? Then why not create a widget out of that and stretch it out across the home screen. That way the minute you wake up and check your phone, you’ll be inspired to seize the day—or whatever tickles your fancy—get this non-existent bread and eat the rich.

Base it around a TV show you like

Base it around colours

Don’t forget to check our colour blocking guide to know what colours do and don’t work together. 

Turn your phone into an official stan account

Fancams are so last month. With iOS 14, you can turn your home screen into a whole dedicated tribute to your bias or fave, with each slide featuring photos of them—and apps—in a specific colour or theme, or even a different member from a group in each slide. 

Here are some custom iOS 14 home screen ideas that live rent free in my mind


#ios14 this took me so lonnnnggg, don’t let this flop #fyp#minecraft#og

♬ sad minecraft music – lana armstrong

not as good as other ppl but i like it #ios14

♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

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