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Tonight’s Pink Supermoon In Libra Is Going To Help You Feel Less Alone

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it’s worth turning your face skyward this evening to observe the majesty of the pink supermoon.

Tonight’s pink super moon will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than our usual lunar sentinel and is occurring in the astrological sign of Libra—more on that below. It’s the second supermoon of the year, and honestly, what better time than when we’re all in isolation to return and reconnect to our more instinctive bases and just marvel silently at the wonders of nature.

I mean, what else were you going to do other than mainlining isolation TikToks directly into your eyeballs? Let’s look at the moon instead. Everyone just being present and enjoying themselves. Not a phone in sight. If you feel like it, why not let out a cathartic howl, like lone wolves separated from the pack—surely we can all relate right now.

And if you don’t believe in astrology? A reminder that the moon is so powerful she moves the oceans. And guess what bitch, you’re 60% water.

Hold on, what is a supermoon?

The supermoon is technically known as a perigee-syzygy: perigee is when the moon is closest to earth and syzygy is when the sun, moon, and earth are all aligned. They happen a couple of times a year and sometimes have significance attached to them due to the holidays or seasons they appear close to.

Tonight’s one is called a pink supermoon not because it’ll actually be pink, but because it appears close to when the native North American wildflower Phlox subulata blooms—it’s also called creeping phlox, moss phlox and moss pink, hence the nickname pink moon.

How to see the supermoon in Australia

Despite the very compelling arguments from the flat-earther community, the world is a lil ball, so when and how to see the supermoon depends on where you’re looking out from. Our friends in the north have already witnessed it, but for those of us watching from Australia, the best times to see the moon tonight will be from around 11 pm onwards. While it would usually be best to head somewhere a lil more remote, it ain’t happening under the lockdowns. Instead, just try and head to the highest point in your house, even with light pollution you’ll be able to see her pretty well.

The moon will begin its rise from around 6 pm though, so if you’ve got an early bedtime for class tomorrow—oh yeah, no school and uni, RIP. If you’re more of a morning person, the moon will also look particularly beautiful during sunrise, so maybe set an alarm for some morning moon salutations to get you going.

The astrological significance of this supermoon

As mentioned, April’s pink supermoon is in Libra, and squares with a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. What does that mean? According to Chani Nicholas (the astrologer behind your fav astro playlists on Spotify) now is time that we’re being asked to delve a little deeper. “A normally light-hearted, socially-minded, and good-natured lunation gets deep. Pluto brings us under the surface of things and here is where we are asked to dwell right now. Having been socially isolated for a minute (a situation that is anti-Libra in practice and sentiment), we are collectively feeling the burden of distance from each other. We are in this together-alone.”

Libra is typically the sign associated with romance, relationship building, and harmony. This Libran supermoon is going to call up a lot of the emotional detritus that a lot of us are probably struggling to navigate right now: being too far away from the ones we want close, or being way too close to the people we’re in relationships with.

This supermoon is a chance for us to collectively try and orient ourselves towards remembering we’re in this together. That when we’re frustrated and resentful, the kinder way through is not though individualism and shaming, but being patient with each other. Before you publicly call someone out for going to Bunnings to buy some potting mix, hit pause. Maybe consider that they’re completely alone, maybe they’re struggling with anxiety and that replanting their green babies is the way they know how to cope best. We can never know what someone else is going through, and we might get more receptivity if we aim to educate rather than attack.

As Nicholas says, the time we’re living through is fraught, this supermoon is a chance to imagine “what it might be like to exchange status for sincerity, rugged individualism for interconnectedness, and corporate capitalism for communal care.”

Lead image via Unsplash by Ganapathy Kumar.

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