Tiny Foods As Cereal Is The Internet’s Latest Weird Self-Isolated Snack

During this period of self-isolation, we’ve all had our own special comfort food. Whether that’s pesto pasta (me), beef burritos, extremely cheesy mac and cheese, or Robert Pattinson’s cursed pasta meal. And, from dalgona coffee to Bon Appétit recipes, being stuck at home has given us the opportunity to make things we wouldn’t normally. 

Butt, uhh, I am absolutely losing it at super tiny bite-sized food disguised as cereal. I’m not kidding. People are, in the spirit of My Brother, My Brother And Me‘s bit on Amélie, making tiny versions of food that “you can’t see [because] they’re so small.” Why? Well, uh, sometimes you just want to throw it all away and live like Stuart Little or my fave lil cooking ratboy Remy from Ratatouille, y’know.

Idk man, just roll the damn tapes…

So, uh, what are people turning into tiny cereal?

The idea of making normal adult sized foods but for ants first emerged with the pancake cereal on TikTok. Basically, you get a pancake mix and, using a measuring syringe, squeeze out little droplets onto a pan on the stove and fry them up, before mixing them in a bowl with honey and milk. 

Now, idk about you but soggy pancakes sound gross af. 


i’m telling u guys 10/10 recommend!! might even beat normal pancakes #pancakecereal

♬ Day in Paris by llusion – ash_the_dragon

This changed the gaaameee 🤤 Yall know I had to hop on this trend 🥞 !! #pancakecereal #fyp #foryou

♬ After Party – Don Toliver

Then, as Insider writes, that inspired people to downsize other beloved dessert and breakfast dessert meals into a weird droplet cereal form. I’m talking: waffle cereal, cookie cereal, donut cereal, muffin cereal and—Holy Forking Shit—pizza cereal. 

Maybe this is why a New York nutritionist found that pizza was a healthier option than most cereals, lmao.  

Why are people doing this?

According to Valentina Mussi, the tiny food as cereal pioneer and mastermind behind @Sweetportfolio on Instagram and “pizza cereal,” self-isolation has led people to making tiny cereal out of anything and everything.

“Firstly, due to quarantine, a lot of people have more free time,” she told Insider. Many more people are stuck in their homes and willing to spend the time, care and tiny little bursts of energy to “make tiny versions of food which happens to be a tad labour intensive.”

“Secondly, I think the fascination with the cereal trend has to do with the tiny versions of food being cute and small.”

And, before you ask, while she did invent pizza cereal, she admits people—me included—were “thankful” she didn’t add milk to the midnight snack.

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