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The Music, Clothes, Tech & Random Accouterments That Got Us Through The Hell That Was March

Wow. That was… a long-ass month y’all. 

Between lockdown laws changing what felt like every other day, half of us suddenly losing our jobs, Netflix dropping Tiger King and all those *essential* hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it’s been a big fucking month. We’re all slowly adjusting to the new isolated world order that we’re living in: trying to establish routines, keep eating our vegetables and practise mindful self care and compassion.

Home is supposed to be where the heart is. But it’s also the place where work/life balance gets thrown out of whack, you argue with your siblings because you’re all trapped together Lord Of The Flies style, and you inevitably start to feel like you’re just a small, hairless animal in a weird comfortable prison. 

This is where some helpful creature comforts and tiny luxuries come in very handy. We chatted with some of Syrup’s honeys (you guys) about the things that have been helping them get through this month while working/studying/chilling in iso. If you have any more suggestions or recommendations, slide into our DMs and let us know!

Jesse Loves Tame Impala’s The Slow Rush

tame impala the slow rush

“The album for me is quite relevant right now because it’s all about time,” photographer and Sydney via Perth legend Jesse (@jessechango) told Syrup. 

“If you look at some of the track names ( “One More Year,” “Instant Destiny,” “Lost In Yesterday”) you can piece together what Kevin and people within our generation are going through or have gone through. Time is particularly relevant right now because for a lot of people they are either stuck at home or maybe they’ve been let go by their jobs, time must be going really slow and the days are merging together.”

As for what he’s getting up to at home? “For me, I’m taking this opportunity to enjoy my time at home and work on things for myself that I’ve been pushing to the side because of work or the daily grind. Although it’s majorly important, staying home and indoors can be a drag. I’m trying to be positive and make the most of this situation.”

Sach Loves Her Nespresso Machine

Syrup honey Sach (@sachtrikha) is a biiiig fan of her Nespresso. “I used to buy a T/A coffee everyday from my local near work – it was my daily ritual. I rarely used my Nespresso machine – it was more of a bougie nice to have. Since being at home, I’ve been able to create a new ritual.” Amen to new rituals. 

“I love seeing and smelling the coffee as it pours out of the machine, I have been obsessing over trying different coffee variations and finding flavours that are my jam (I’m a bold girl, dark, well roasted, caramel notes. Not a fan of acidity or hyper floral. WHO KNEW). I have a Virtuo Deluxe with the Aeorcinno, and HIGHLY recommend this little number as a starter.”

Gemma Loves Silver Needles Tea

sleepy slumber tea

Even without the inclement coronavirus looming over us and keeping us in our homes, the autumnal turn is definitely getting us in the mood for tea. Gemma (@lachupacabra13), Syrup’s resident tea expert has a couple of recommendations: “I’ve been drinking Silver Needles because it’s known for its antibacterial, antiviral effect in traditional Chinese medicine. Plus it’s really calming. Tea Talk is a brand from the Sunshine Coast and they have a farm there, but this particular tea has been farmed in Sri Lanka.”

“I’ve also been drinking a sleep mix from Gewürzhaus with valerian in it, and it knocks me straight out. I find it so strong and relaxing.”

Polina Loves Pickles and Her Daiso Pressure Point Massager

daiso back massager

Working from home (plus not being able to do our usual gym routines) can really wreak havoc on the bod. Luckily, Polina (@polpats), who you might remember from our Mardi Gras looks with Sephora has the answer. “I get really bad knots in my upper back and I’m using this thing I got at Daiso for $3 that looks like a torture device but hits the pressure points perfectly, so I can massage while I sit and work. It’s legit the best thing I’ve bought this year, haha, you can use it on all pressure points. Theracanes are like the pro version of this.”

“I’m also really into these doomsday pickles.” What are doomsday pickles you ask? Just a sufficient amount of pickles for when doomsday is on the horizon. You can find them, and her and Jackon’s (your resident Syrup yoga teacher @mfmanzie) other fav snacks, seaweed crackers and hummus, at ALDI. Sidenote: ALDI hummus is $5 a kilo and apparently a delicious hummus. 

Dian Loves Tehbotol and Her Gaiam Yoga Mat

tehbotol drink case

Do not underestimate the power of having your comfort food and drinks on hand when the isolation feels start to hit. RL Grime power fan Dian (@dsumertha), says she bought a bunch of Tehbotol from an Asian supermarket, “it’s an Indonesian jasmine tea sugar drink,” which frankly sounds delicious. The next time we venture outside it’s on our shopping list. 

She also stresses the often forgotten importance of regular stretching. “I have my Gaiam yoga mat next to my working space so I stretch out every hour.”

Kelly Loves Her Fancy Maison Balzac Carafe And Her Yoga Strap

In the beauty and fashion floors where Syrup is made (or used to be made, RIP to the HQ for now ), what colour Maison Balzac carafe you have is very indicative of your personality. Unless it was a gift, in which case, lucky you.

Kelly, full time honey at @tofupuffdaddy and part-time chef/foodie extraordinaire at @extrachipspls, loves hers in the amber colour. 

Another tip from Kelly, if you haven’t got time for a whole on-the-mat stretch, is using a simple yoga strap. “I stand up and do shoulder rotations a few times throughout the day, because… WFH.”

Julian Loves Animal Crossing and Euphoria

In case you hadn’t noticed from his extensive coverage of it, Syrup’s digital content producer Julian (@strugglinggayweeb) is deeeeep into Animal Crossing: New Horizons. (He’s not alone, since it came out Dian has logged… 80 hours of it.) When he’s not playing Animal Crossing though, he’s watching the slow unravelling of Rue’s sanity in our fav Zendaya TV show: Euphoria.

Mahalia Loves Nike Yoga Pants and Sending Flowers

Our editor-in-chief and the gal steering ship Syrup via a very poorly angled zoom call, Mahalia (@mahaliachang) is really into “actively seeking out new music to listen to and sending my sister flowers randomly.” Which is… the sweetest thing we’ve ever heard. If you want to support a small biz and send someone something that’ll brighten their day and their indoors, which is… the only place we’re going rn, we adore the flowers from @boutierre_girls.

She’s also really into yoga pants—specifically Nike ones, for their “stretchy constancy,” which has saved her from many a breakdown. 

Monisha Loves Magnesium Spray and This Tiny Blue Dish

And finally, one from me, ya girl. Working from home, being in close quarters with a partner all the time, not being able to get to a gym etc has really ratcheted up the tension in my poor flesh sack. For a while I was having really bad elbow and shoulder pains, so as well as adjusting my keyboard placement, I’m leaning on this magnesium spray. I find it actually really helps w the soreness! I also tried it on my back for period cramps and aches (love this for me) and it also seemed to do the trick. A nice one if, like me, you are a gut health freak and trying to avoid taking painkillers.

I’m also really into this little blue dish from slow wares shop The Provider Store (a gift from Miss Kelly! <3). They source artisan and traditionally crafted goods from makers in Japan, this little dish is from Gifu. I use it to rest my tea strainer on throughout the day and it makes the little corner I’m working on feel a little bit more serene and cute cafe-esque. Environment has a big effect on mood, for me anyway.

Hopefully you found some of these recs helpful, and hey, if you really feel up for it why not go the whole hog and completely redecorate your house while in iso, and put it on TikTok. All we have is time. :’)

Monisha is a writer with a background in publishing and digital media. A chronic Pisces, she’s into trying to be a better person and sparkling water.

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