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The Last Supermoon Of The Year Is Here, & Uh, It’s In Scorpio

Happy Taurus season everyone. We hope it’s been grounding because tonight’s full moon in Scorpio is a Super Flower Moon and things might be getting emotional.

The May Flower Moon is the last supermoon of 2020–we’ve had four so far–so if you’re keen to see one, this is your last chance until next year. The most recent one that passed before this was April’s Pink supermoon, which was in Libra.

What is the Flower Moon?

For a quick refresher, the supermoon is technically known as a perigee-syzygy: perigee is when the moon is closest to earth and syzygy is when the sun, moon, and earth are all aligned. The reason that May’s supermoon is called the Flower Moon is because of it coinciding with flowers blooming in North America.

According to NASA, Native American tribes in the New York region noticed the flowers blooming around the time of this supermoon. Of course, down here in the antipodes we’re going into winter and the opposite is true. This year, the Flower Moon is also being called the Vesak Festival Moon, because it corresponds to the Buddist holiday Vesak. Sadly, the moon will not be flower-shaped.

How to watch the Super Flower Moon in Australia

Thankfully, we will not need to stay up super late to catch a glimpse of this supermoon. Unlike the recent Eta Aquarids meteor shower, this big emotional rock is going to be visible from when it starts to rise. Depending on where you are, this will start from around 5 pm.

The Flower Moon will look the biggest when it’s rising from the horizon, but if you’re pretty surrounded by your neighbours the next best time is when it’s at its highest in the sky. That’s between 11 am and 1 am tonight. Because it’s the moon, this one is pretty easy to see even with light pollution. For best results, though, try to limit the amount of light around you and avoid looking at your phone screen.

What does the Super Flower Moon in Scorpio mean?

So, as mentioned, this supermoon is occurring in Scorpio, a sign associated with deep feelings, introspection and bringing emotional gunk up to the surface.

Astrologer Rachel Celeste Hansen explains that the moon’s message to us is about allowing ourselves to feel what we need to right now. “Ignoring life’s deeper, darker dimensions doesn’t make them any less real. The same is true for emotions: Instead of bottling them up, this full moon insists on bringing them to the surface.” Given all this forced alone time while we’ve been in isolation, it can feel a little exhausting to keep trying to reckon with our feelings and anxieties.

If you haven’t had enough of being alone and in your feelings, the concurrent position of Mercury with Pluto could be helpful in shedding what you don’t need. We can “undo old ways of being, thinking, and communicating that no longer support our evolution,” according to Hansen.

Chani Nicholas, the astrologer behind your favourite horoscope Spotify playlists, says to tread gently with this super Flower Moon. “Maybe we feel like we have had enough digging in the dirt of our own psyches,” she explains in a post, “Maybe we don’t need a Full Moon in Scorpio to unearth anymore, deepen anything, or reveal another extreme emotional state. But, alas. Here we are.”

If you’re embracing the super Flower Moon and all its intensity, we wish you good luck. May it be cleansing. And of course, don’t forget to bring any emotional realisations you have to your next online therapy session.

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