The Syrup Files: The Next Generation (For Right Now)

In a world that’s changing as quickly as the #foryou page, trying to figure out some semblance of who you are and what you stand for is stressssssssssssful. 

And even those people who you think have it all together? Still figuring it out as they go. 

To celebrate our launch, Syrup profiled five young Australians who are doing their very best at being their best selves. Artists, activists, fashion icons, developers, writers, models, gamers, entrepreneurs: Syrup is by and for a generation characterised by people who are out here Doing Things and Making Shit (often multiple at the same time and quite frantically because the world is literally on fire). Throwing typical ideas of career paths, style norms and patriarchal status quo out the window. 

From dealing with internalised racism and industry boys clubs, to being online for the majority of their lives, to personal style and self-care, these interviews are our way of foregrounding the diverse voices that are shaping our communities and digging a little deeper into the things that shaped them.

So, without further ado, meet our cover gals, guys and honeys. 

Because who knows, maybe when we get to know others a little better, we can better see the best of ourselves.

Abby Butler is a tireless advocate for female and non-binary artists in the Australian music industry (and a literal angel).

Michael Sun, a prolific “slashie” and fashion icon, talks about being a “third culture kid” and how to stay driven as a creative.

Tara Chandra chats to us about unlearning internalised racism that seeps into us when we’re young and charting her own path in her career as a fashion influencer.

Elle Hioe talks going from trawling fashion forums to working as a professional stylist, making art just for yourself, and working under the name of an imaginary brand she created at 16, 14strk.

Elijah Innes is an artist and writer first, student and sentimental Scorpio second, who talked to Syrup about making and re-making your identity, all while under the perma-open eye of the internet.

Mahalia is a journalist and editor/founder/number one fan of Syrup. She cut her teeth in fashion magazines before she was forced to move into youth publications because she says 'yeet' unironically. Maximalist ring enthusiast and dedicated nap hobbyist.

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